We Are What (and How) We Eat

Yesterday during our first live group gathering, I was reminded of the value of what Projectors see and share when invited.  I gained deeper insight from the reflections, questions, and observations shared by each person.  We began a talk about Primary Health Systems (PHS), the body of Human Design knowledge which offers guidance about the eating conditions and environments which support the particular motivation and perspective we are here to experience.  This is especially important for Projectors because our central gift and intelligence is rooted in what we see in the world around us.  Ultimately Projectors are gifted guides for others, so our perspective is especially valuable.

Determination, which is the first aspect of PHS, is about the eating process, how we take in nourishment.  Though generally, this is about eating in a way that supports our cognition, we discussed how, for many of us, this seems to apply to how we take in anything including the people and environment around us.  The Projector aura is focused, absorbing and penetrating. In my experience, it works in that way and in that order.  Whatever I focus on, I absorb and then based on what I’ve absorbed, I penetrate what I am focused on with whatever guidance or awareness comes to me.

Because of the way our aura functions, some people say that as a projector, when you are focused on a person, it is as though your system is eating them.  You are taking their energy deeply into your body, the same way we do with food.  If that person does not “taste” good to you, or if they are resisting or rejecting you in any way, then that’s what you are taking into your system.  The result is bitterness and then what you penetrate with, what comes out of you, is bitter.

On the other hand, if we are consciously selective with our focus, allowing ourselves to pay attention only to what is truly nourishing for us, to what is truly welcoming us, then what we absorb feels good or right.  It “tastes” good.  What we have to offer as a result will be received as nourishing and welcome also.  The result is sweet, the experience of sweetness.  The exchange could still be challenging, intense or unexpected but there is a sense of naturalness to it.  This is one way to describe success as a projector.

My determination is called Indirect.  It means that I am designed to be nocturnal, to eat only at night.  I do find that this has always been a strong inclination for me since I was a child, though it certainly would be considered unhealthy by almost any modern health standards.  Not only do I prefer to eat at night, but I love to take things in at night as well, whether that means studying, reading, or having conversations and connection with friends.  The late night deep talk is one of my favorite things in the world, connecting and exploring while most of the world is asleep.

In the coming weeks, I invite you to experiment with your determination, both in how you take in food and how you take in the people and information.  Like anything in Human Design, this is not about imposing a new discipline on yourself in any rigid way, but truly an invitation to observe, explore and experiment when it feels right to you.

If you do not know about your determination, feel free to message John or me and we will help you get the information.  We would love to hear your comments and discoveries in the comments below.

Thank you to those who joined us yesterday and may we all feel nourished and welcomed in our lives.

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