What Is The Human Design Collective?

Human Design is a body of knowledge that can be endless intellectual entertainment for the mind, or it can become a means of awakening to the truth of who we are and the life we are here to witness unfolding through us, a truly mystical and experiential journey.

The Human Design Collective grew out of a recognition of the need for a collective forum that could specifically support living according to design in a creative, interactive way. It is designed to be an oasis to study, where we can learn from each other, explore and find out what there is to see. The hope is that in the process, we come to know and trust ourselves so that we are able to enjoy what is natural and unique in us.  The mechanics, the energy dynamics, of Human Design come alive when we see it lived out in ourselves and each other.

Our aim is to offer multiple streams through which people can engage with the knowledge and with other experienced and sincere practitioners and experimenters. The Blog and Podcast include multiple perspectives and stories, offering access to many different voices for anyone interested in the system. We offer formal Foundation Courses and Workshops for those interested in further personal and professional training.

We have seen and experienced valuable connections through our own study and share a love of research and consultation on the patterns and expressions of design we see in our own practices. This inspired us to create a private online community where practitioners, students, and clients could meet and share their discoveries. We consider this to be a virtual sanctuary growing organically through the experience and contributions of those involved. It includes original and curated content, monthly live meetings, and forums for connecting with others on specific questions and topics. Membership is free and by invitation for our students and clients.

Human Design suggests that our potential in relationship is to experience a communion of awareness that goes beyond intellect and genetic imperatives. The Human Design Collective seeks to foster this in all of our interactions.

Amy Lee

Holo Human Design

  • IHDS Certified Human Design Analyst
  • IHDS Certified Living Your Design Guide
  • IHDS Certified Rave ABCs Teacher
  • Trained Counselor with decades of experience

John Cole

Metamorphic Human Design

  • IHDS Certified Human Design Analyst
  • IHDS Certified Living Your Design Guide
  • IHDS Certified Rave ABCs Teacher
  • Astrologer with decades of experience