The Human Design Collective Podcast

We began the Human Design Collective Podcast during the Spring Solstice of 2020 when John was invited to start a podcast that could bring quality conversations into the Human Design landscape. We saw it as an opportunity to learn from those dedicated to mastery of their study and process and to have a more mature level of discourse. 

Over the years we’ve spoken with many of our teachers, mentors, and colleagues and have invited those working in related fields who might bring a greater perspective into the discussions. We aim to support the exploration and experimentation of the Human Design System with integrity and depth by bringing different voices to shed light on what it means to live a unique and purposeful life.

We offer our podcast and blog articles freely as a service to the community. If you would like to support us in continuing this work and producing more quality content and conversations, please give as you wish honoring what your body tells you.

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