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A high-frequency space to connect with others and support your unique life purpose facilitated by certified guides in Human Design

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Would you like to be a part of a supportive community of individuals developing authenticity and awareness?

Are you interested in Human Design, but feeling overwhelmed by the depth and complexity of the system?

Are you looking for a respectful and caring learning environment?

Welcome to the Human Design Collective, an online community and learning sanctuary for experimenting with living according to your nature.

Our aim is to support your exploration with information, inspiration and practical guidance as we create a community of allies.

“I know the moment that you’re living correctly as yourself, you’re going to get it all. You’re going to get it all. You’re going to get what’s for you, which means you’re really going to get it. Because that’s the point.

And it’s the point for the outside. It’s the point for the world out there that all of this stuff is wonderful. It’s nice. It’s great. It’s fun. It’s fun to look at it. It’s fun to have those experiences, “Aha.” Or to laugh. Or to see the humor in the way you meet the other and blend the this and that. To have that kind of funny laugh that says, “Oh no, oh wait a minute.” All of those things. It’s great. It’s entertaining. This is entertainment. I’m an entertainer. You’re an entertainer.

The truth? What this is really about is telling people, look, you’re this and you’re that and this is the way it works. And try this. Try to respond. Try to inform. Try to wait for the invitation. Try it. Go ahead. This is the experiment.

I’ve gone through 15 years of expanding Human Design knowledge because it had to be done. Not because that was the point. It’s never been the point. The point is waking people up. Waking them up. But because it’s a science, because it’s logic, because it’s legitimate, all the things have to be there. And we will and always will need scholars of this knowledge. We know all that. But that’s not the point of Human Design, to be something interesting to study. The point of Human Design is that it’s here truly to help humanity. It’s here truly to help each and every human being.”

– Ra Uru Hu


The Human Design Collective is an online community with the following offerings and resources:

We host live video sessions for members who would like real-time interaction.
We offer personal guidance and support to all members of the Collective.
Our community forums offer a private and respectful environment for sharing and learning from others.
We share our perspective and experience with Collective members in articles and essays.
For those who would like more focused one-on-one guidance, we offer discounts for private sessions and consultations.
Curated articles, news, and inspirational content to support your experiment.

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