Rosie Cutter, Musician, World Traveler, and Advisor on the Destiny Cards, Astrology, and Human Design


Published 07/07/2020

John: Thanks for joining us today, Rosie. It’s great to have you here. To start, I’m wondering how you got to the point where you began working with multiple systems and developing the practice that you have with clients. I know you do a lot of readings and a lot of sessions with people. How did you get here?

Rosy: By trying to figure out my own messed up life. I was adopted and my adoptive parents are really cool and really into psychics and fun stuff like that. We’d go get our palms read and different things. So, my first love was palm reading. Then, I got a reading from an astrologer when I was a teenager, and they were like, “Hey, you know, you never met your mother.” I was like, “Well how can they know this from my birthday? This is fascinating.” Plus, anytime any astrologer ever looked at my chart, they were like, “Whoa,” and I was like, “What does it mean? Why are you making this face?” So, I was already intrigued. However, Western Astrology is very dense with the wording and the language. So, I didn’t dive super deep into that, but I understood this sort of Scorpionic Pluto death and rebirth and how intense my chart was. It was full of opposition.

When I was about 20, I was flown to Kauai to do speech therapy with autistic children. There was this lady in Kauai named Mallanna and she was good friends with Robert Camp who wrote the Love Card Destiny card books. She was giving these readings outside the old Blossoming Lotus, they’re that awesome raw food place. It was based on this different system than just a birthday. It’s like, “Oh, of course, I want to get a reading.” It said I was the queen of clubs, which of course I loved and I was like, “Yes, I knew it.” It also talks about difficult childhood things happening at ages three and four. That can kind of change the outlook. It also said a couple of times that I’d be really talented around music, which is a side note.

I got a reading from her and I was there to do my contract with autistic kids. I was like, “Oh yeah, I’m going to hike Nepali, then I’m gonna go to Europe and travel blah, blah, blah.” She was like, “No, you’re not. You’re going to stay here and you’re going to be working really hard, making money.” I ended up securing a lease at one of the only long-term rentals in Monterey Bay because it’s mostly $30 million mansions. So, I had this house at 20 and all of a sudden, I started living in Kauai for all my 20s. Mallanna became my teacher. She showed me a lot about the Destiny Card System and I started doing it for all my friends and the guys I was dating.

Around the same time I started playing music, mostly because it said I’d be really good at music. Johnny Cash is also the Queen of Clubs, so are Cher and Bonnie Raitt. It said that it would be a good, healthy emotional steam valve even if you’re not going to do it professionally. When I became a professional musician, I played with members of the Grateful Dead and others. I went on to live in Ibiza, perform full-time, and study in Brazil for many years. I did Bossa Nova, I became fluent in Portuguese, studied jazz, and became a very successful musician.

I used astrology as well to navigate where to go and who to work with. At the same time, I was studying the Destiny Card system and it allowed me to understand the Archetypes of numerology and astrology. When I started to go back to astrology, it made a hell of a lot more sense. I would recommend the Destiny Card system to anybody. It’s a great way for people to get into this sort of world. At the same time, there was a huge Human Design movement happening in Kauai and I got into my Design. It really led me to creative role models, artists, in the now, and the Channel of Awakening. It really made a lot of sense.

Boom, Ra suddenly, unexpectedly died. I sold all my stuff and moved to Ibiza because my partner at the time had studied with Ra for 10 years. He would also go to Ibiza all the time to do music and stuff. I got to be there with Ambusia and the kids. The kids got me gigs, and hotels, and stuff. I basically got to immerse myself and hear all these good past stories about Ra and everything too. Right around that time, 10 years ago, was when Skype started happening. I’d already been giving some readings, maybe a couple every year. Then, when I left Hawaii, people were like, “Hey, I wanted to get another reading. The stuff you said came true.” It clicked in my brain. I was like, “I can do this over Skype. You can send me money, and we can record it.” Boom, it changed my whole life.

I was doing music, but it was definitely wonderful to start really doing internet readings and not needing to be there in person. Like a snowball, I’m a Cross of the Unexpected and the Queen of Clubs is a workaholic. It just kept coming and coming and coming. I remember in the beginning, I’d be like, “Well, I don’t want to say no, because what if it ever stops,” but it never stopped. You guys know, the Transits can show us a weather forecast. It’s not like, “Oh, this is going to happen,” but it’s more like, “Hey, there’s the tree, well, don’t fall down it.” Over time, as you know, the readings and the systems are accurate, then people would buy them for their friends and it just kind of exploded.

I’ve done more than 1,000 readings a year for the last six years. 80% of my clients have never met me in person. I go and travel around or do big events in Beverly Hills or Europe and stuff like that. There, I get to meet them for the first time in person, which is also very fun. A lot of people here in Aspen are my clients, that’s part of the reason I live here. It just became this crazy thing. It’s so accurate, I definitely drank the Kool-Aid.

Other people are like, “Well, do you really believe in this?” I mean, I do 1,000 readings a year, and every single one is recorded. I don’t even know it, we don’t even realize and then they go back and they’re like, “Oh my god, that thing you said came true.” We didn’t even realize what it really was, so it’s an amazing thing. It’s very strange, very unexpected. People will be like, “What do you do,” and I’m like, “No, I’m actually a professional astrologer. People fly me around on jets to predict their babies and handle their businesses.” It’s fun I can say.

John: I have to ask, what do you think is going on here that makes these systems so accurate? The Destiny Card system or Human Design, what are these showing or telling us?

Rosie: When you start to see the resonance of the Human Design totally lining up with somebody’s western chart and their Destiny Cards, even in the way they describe the personality traits. I think, obviously, we’re all made from this greater pattern, even down to the molecules and minerals that our bodies are made out of. It’s kind of the same as everything else; we’re all skiing down the same mountain. Whether you’re miserable that day, in shape, or if you’re a good skier or not depends on your ride, but it’s the same ride.

I think people have a hard time too with this thing of like, “Oh, but that means everything’s predestined. There’s no free will.” It’s not like that. It’s a weather forecast. I can be sitting here right now in my ski gear, sweating my ass off, pissed that there’s no snow. I can have my intention that I want to ski. Well, guess what, baby, there’s no snow. I have to be smart enough to be paying attention to the weather so that when the snow comes, I’m ready. When the snow does come, it’s five feet of powder. If you’re ready, you have gear, you’re strong, and you’ve been training, it can be the best day of your life. If I take someone who is strung out on heroin and drop her in the back-country in five of the powder, she’s literally going to die in the same exact circumstance.

I think people are very arrogant in the way that they think, “Yes, we have free will down to a certain extent,” But hey, if I drop you off in the tundra, and it’s negative 20 degrees, you’re dying baby. There are external circumstances that affect you. Just like surfing, you can be there, but you have to constantly triangulate because the ocean is always trying to push you into the zone you do not want to be in. I think people get really frustrated because they’re like, “I’ve always had good intentions. Why isn’t my life better and XYZ?”

Part of the reason is because they’re not working with the weather patterns. They’re blindly, as we see in Human Design, initiating. They’re getting frustrated and creating all kinds of garbage in their lives. Then they get it. They go, “This isn’t what I thought it would be, I have to start over and throw it away.” That’s why the world is full of landfills, unwanted children, and bad career choices. Obviously, creation is not the issue. These are ancient systems; they’ve been used forever. They used to plan the births of royals. I think there’s something to it and probably more of the powerful people in the world use these systems in one form or another, even Kabbalah or things like that. If we’re gonna play instruments, they’re tuned to a certain frequency, and I think that astrology and Human Design can show us how to tune into the right frequency. We’re not living a dissonant life, which I think most people are, unfortunately.

John: Right. It might be said in Human Design that the program is the program, you can’t change the program. We’re looking at aspects of the program, either through the Destiny Card system, the astrological transits that we’re seeing, or certainly through Human Design. So, where do you see the agency or choice coming into any of this, if at all?

Rosie: I know Ra would always say there’s no choice. However, the program is the program just like your body is the program. Maybe there are some enlightened bodhisattvas that go and meditate and suddenly leave their body at will. Otherwise, one day your body is running your program, and it’s gonna die. It doesn’t matter how enlightened you are, we are in the program of being imprisoned in the flesh. So there’s free will as to what comes out of your mouth and what you put in it, what you choose to do with your body. It’s like the fish not realizing they’re in the water.

It’s funny that it’s even something that we try to mentally wrap our minds around because, of course, there’s free will to the extent that you can control what you’re doing with your body and then suddenly, a giant boulder can come down and smash you. Was that because your free will walked you to that exact moment like they say in those hidden Buddhist ones, that there’s a moon transit? Remember, three months before you die, there’s a certain thing that they say happens in the moon, and you can predict somebody’s death. Is there a choice then if you look at it that way? People get all uptight in their panties about the idea that there’s no approval or choice. It’s funny that they have no problem following every other rule of every other bullshit program that enslaves that.

Amy: I have a question because I use Human Design the way a lot of people teach and use Human Design. It’s actually not so much in the predictive realm, but now looking at the cards, I’ve experimented with it a little bit, and it does seem like there really is something to it. I would imagine that by doing as much work as you do, people over time start to actually go the other way. They probably go the other way where they’re like, “Tell me what my cards are. What’s going to happen and what do I have to do?” They really have to consult the cards and astrology before they do anything. Do you find that you have to do that? I just wonder if you’re in the role of balancing people.

Rosie: Sure, sure. I think people can get a little more addicted to things like, “Let’s deal a deck, do the Tarot, and ask questions.” I think that can be a bit more addicting. I do have people who come to me for business stuff on a much more regular basis, to try to see little things. Also, part of the reason is because we have been successful in the past. I am aware that sometimes, and I hate to say it, but I have certain clients and it’s like, “Dude, I’m not here to just look up every stupid new guy you meet.” If you’re operating incorrectly, these readings are a waste of my breath because you’re going to keep manifesting the same lesson over and over.

It’s good to look into and I love doing compatibility, it’s one of the most fun things because a lot of it can be very heavy. Every now and then it’s kind of like, “This isn’t the best use of time. What we really need to look at is your North Node, your Venus, and your Pluto to see why you’re still attracting these types of people, as opposed to constantly wanting to look up somebody new. I had that more too back in the day because I’m pure and visual in Human Design. No wonder I never gave a fuck, it makes perfect sense.

Amy: What is it about Human Design that was unique, or that was really impactful for you in terms of what you recognized about yourself through it?

Rosie: It’s so amazing too because those things where, even in a western transit, it’s like a chemical or an internal change. You go through puberty, and because you went through a chemical change, you go through an emotional change. When I saw my Design, first of all, my partner at the time was a Reflector. That was very interesting. He was huge into Design and he taught me so much. Seeing all of my individual Channels: Open Root, Open Head, Open Spleen, Open Emotion. I had this house in Hanalei Bay, I would constantly have people around who wanted to be tribal, tribal, tribal, all the time. It would drive me crazy. I wasn’t getting enough time alone. That was the first bit of resonance where I was like, “Oh, I’m actually supposed to be living by myself or having more time alone.”

The creative role model thing, I was like, “Yes, this is the best.” It allowed me to really embrace that. Also, sticking out and being a weirdo. I was always kind of weird anyway, but I still realized the difference between the tribe and the collective. Also, the emotional Solar Plexus, being open emotional, was a huge opening. The main thing is that when you see your Design like all those white Open Centers- even Ra would say that you don’t ever have to do anything with it ever again, your body starts to decondition.

I’ve been in the Design for 10 years now and it changes the way that I do things and it changes the way that I experience things. I still have the open head and the pressure to know, but it’s not an obsession, it’s actually fun. I don’t hold on to things mentally. I get away from people if they’re at the low end of the wave emotionally, I know what I’m dealing with. It really freed me to be who I really, truly was. The 23/43, the genius freak, made so much sense too. That really helped in music, as well as readings and just waiting to be introduced. They either think I’m a genius or they can’t understand a word I’m saying. Now that I’m so many years into it, I’m so thankful because similar to that sort of thing where you go through puberty, or something physically happens, and then you emotionally change. It’s so linked to these cycles.

The way I do my business, let’s say. I need a new place to live, so I go to my projector girlfriend and I say, “This is what I’m looking for. X, Y, and Z.” I don’t waste my time. I don’t beat the streets. She went and found something for me. I thought I wanted to live up on a mountain, open head. However, now I’m like, “I don’t know what I want. I don’t know what I think either.” So I told her, “I’d like this, this and this.” She finds this place for me right on the river; my bed looks at the river. It’s right next to the mountain, but I would never have anything like this on the mountain and it would be like $17,000. I’m like, “Wait a minute, no. I don’t want to live on that. I don’t want everybody coming by for a happy hour.” All of a sudden, she presented me with something that was more perfect than anything I could have ever understood. That’s the beauty of the Design. I’m open to that.

I lived in Kauai for all those years and everybody was so cool. They’d go all international blah, blah, blah. I’d stay there to maintain the situation. I had always dreamed about going to Europe. I had these ideas in my head; I wanted to go to Europe. So, I got to go to Europe, Ra died and I went to Europe. My ex was like, “Oh, we should go to Brazil.” I was like, “Brazil? Brazil is full of favelas and Anaconda snakes and it’s super sketchy. I’ve watched a couple of things on the Discovery Channel.” He was like, “No, I’ve been to Brazil, I go there all the time. I do these big shows. I’ll take you down.” So, Cross of the Unexpected, I’m going to Brazil, living there, learning jazz and bossa nova, which is probably one of the greatest musical forms ever, making more money in Brazil, in what I considered a poor country because they were on this huge economic upswing which is what they do.

They inflated the Real, it was 2:1 when I was living there. It went from 7:1 to 2:1. They were flooding the streets with tons of money in what I thought was a poor country. I had all these unexpected surprises that enriched my life. If I had just left it to my mind’s decision because I thought of Brazil a certain way, I would have never gone there. That’s what most people’s lives are like. They’re shortchanging themselves tremendously. Human Design- as I tell people, it doesn’t matter what the future holds if you’re making its decisions incorrectly. It’s like you’re standing there at the bar talking about how you used to be a great skier but you don’t ski anymore. People are in the wrong place. It’s been basically the greatest gift ever.

Once again, running so many charts, I’m like, “This is so accurate, unbelievably accurate.” The people tell me and I show them, I’m reading it from a book. It’s not as if I’m intuiting this. It’s very, very, very special. Now that I’m in the Design, I would say to Open Route, Open Head, that pressure has dissipated a lot. I don’t average, I don’t do anything anymore. I don’t beat the streets.

Amy: It comes to you.

Rosie: Also, too, I’m busy doing what I love. I tell people this is what I do. “Hey, I’m a musician, blah, blah, blah.” I used to spend so much time running around, trying to do everything as fast as possible. I also have the 14/2 and Alok would be like, “Rosie, don’t worry, you’re going to get discovered. You can’t chase after your destiny as a musician or as an artist.” You’re always like, “I’ve got to,” but that whole pressure is gone now. It’s so much better. I can say that I enjoy being in my head and in my body a lot more. I think that’s what most people struggle with. You can have a great successful life, but man, it’s the demon in our minds.

It’s been pretty much the greatest gift ever. It really does help people. I think the predictive side of Western astrology in the Destiny Cards in my practice is further enhanced because I’m introducing people to their Design. I’m giving them a few tools at least, “Hey, we need to get a new house. Open G-Center. How about we try it like this.” Then, they do end up with the house of their dreams instead of once again, chasing after being in the wrong place and having nothing work. Then, we’ve got to move again and spend a bunch of money. It’s helped me so much in understanding relationships and stuff like that.

Amy: Can I ask you more about that? I’m looking at your Design right now and I’m seeing all of the individuality. I’m a pure individual also and so is John. I’m just thinking about all of the Sacral Generator women that I know and the raw power that I see in so many of them. There’s also the clarity of that response, how strong, clear, and uncompromising it can be. How antithetical that is to all of the gender programming, conditioning, and the way that women are taught to be. I’m wondering how you experienced that in a relationship and how you see that play out in a relationship.

Rosie: I would say if we call up a bunch of my exes right now, uncompromising might be at the top of the list. The emotional wave thing was really good because of course, I’ve distorted the emotional wave of people my whole life and bounced up and down off it. I always love my juicy emotional friends and lovers, but it really helped me enjoy that and be in that. There is a lot of volatility also, Queen of Clubs. It’s as if this card has the most difficult emotional relationships and the deck has the most unmarriageable. It is so funny, I was like, “Great… okay.” That didn’t mean that I didn’t drill myself headfirst through the 36 Gate in the 40/41 and my sun. It’s all kinds of situations. I could see it coming too. I would see it in the astrology and I’d still go do it. It was great, it’s all an experiment.

It’s helped a lot for me to realize that I’ve spent a lot of my life living with people. Whether it was roommates or partners, I’d usually get with a partner, and then boom, we’re traveling the world and we’re living together. I realized my 1/3, that need for space, I would create a lot of conflicts or do things so that I can create the space or have my own time. Now, I’m really happy living on my own. Even if I spend lots of time with other people, especially with the work that I do, I just need that downtime. I need that alone time. The individual needs it to integrate even. I think that’s why I like road trips so much because I go and spend time driving. I’m integrating and I have artificial shores.

I’m still trying to figure out relationships. I do go my own way. I’m always the one that leaves, usually, the 4/2/2. I have all of this weird freakiness in my environment so that can be something that’s interesting. I keep my work and personal lives pretty separate. I think that’s kind of the way it works. I have my freaky weird things and I’m an artist, but my relationship will be like playing house. It’s a sort of safe, grounded 27th Gate. I’ll find some nice things to take care of, bunnies and plants. It makes a lot of sense to me in all of my relationships, and probably too for you guys too, with that individuality.

A lot of what I find in counseling people is that they need to break toxic tribal ties. For me, I feel like it’s easy. I really don’t need people in the same way. I am better, I am integrated into my own. I think that that’s probably hard for men too, maybe I don’t need the guy as much in certain ways or they feel that. Is that what you would think? Now that I’ve realized I need the alone time, I think I can have healthier relationships. Before, it was just like we went and spent all our time together. Now I realize why that doesn’t work for me.

Even in friendships, I have much better boundaries in saying, “No, I’m not going to go out tonight, even though there’s this fabulous party and all this great stuff happening.” If I don’t get a little bit of alone time, my Design, even the Queen of Clubs is just like- you ever see Jack Nicholson in The Shining? I had an unusual life where I was allowed to be a weirdo, and especially going to Kauai I also lived on Orcas Island. I was the art director of a YMCA camp there when I was 19. They taught us a lot about theater therapy, high ropes courses, and all this great stuff. I was put in a lot of positions that were unique enough that I was allowed to be unique, as opposed to feeling like a total outsider.

I remember in high school, I was with it, but I never fit in. My genius-freak thing too. I’d be like, “Wow, you guys were just talking mad shit about her and now she’s come back to the table!” I would literally say stuff like that out loud as a teenager, but I was still on the cheerleading team so they had to deal with me. It was so funny. Now, everybody’s like rosy as it goes. It was pretty intense to have that Design in a homogenized, suburban place. If I’d had music or something, it would have been better, I think.

John: We’re talking about your chart. For the people listening, there have been bits and pieces of it. You’re basically a 1/3 Sacral Generator 43/23, 8/1, 2/14, and then the 10/20. That’s the definition. In that individual circuitry, there seems to be this intersection between, I would say if I were to keynote it, individual empowerment through your knowing and not knowing. That’s very individual, it’s a very mutative frequency. Then, there’s the whole connection to sound and music. You can see that your life has basically become an expression of that, at least from my point of view. We were talking about the homogenized life versus actually being fully you.

Rosie: That’s what the design allowed me to do. I say to people sometimes, with the North Node placement- let’s say their North Node is in Leo. It’s like if Sid Vicious was trying to fit in with The Beach Boys. He would have totally been misaligned. Instead, he was such a weirdo, that he only attracted a bunch of people who reinforced his weirdness. It’s almost like Elton John too. Music is funny like that. When you’re an artist or any kind of public figure, people almost allow you to ferment into a more intense version of yourself. Maybe it’s not, sometimes we can get into a version that we’re actually not because of other people’s projections.

It really helped me become and embrace it even more to an nth degree. I worked with kids; I did kids’ music for years and I would host a lot of shows. Even when I first learned about my Design, I was like, “I need to bring in way better other musicians.” I was getting these gigs where my skill level wasn’t there yet. By bringing in the tribe, and the right tribe, they empowered me to be the super weirdo in only a place like Kauai. Even in my Design, they’d be like, “You just need to find the right community that empowers your freakiness.” That was so great. If I had been somewhere else, who knows?

John: Yeah

Amy: I find it really inspiring and I think it’s a great thing for people to get to hear just what comes through your frequency. It’s so clear, there’s such a vitality in you. There’s such empowerment that comes through in your frequency and you can feel the energy. I can certainly relate to the ways that it can be really difficult to be an individual.

That’s the melancholy part, there’s this sort of constant backdrop of like, “I’m never going to fully fit in. Maybe with anyone, anywhere, not all the way.” There’s always going to be this uniqueness, this difference, something that’s very individual to me. To accept that and not compromise it is to have access to power, vitality, empowerment, and the capacity to empower other people. I see a lot of Sacral Generators, and especially Sacral Generator women who have compromised that. The immediate result that I see is a loss of vitality. You can feel it through the frequency and that’s a really painful loss.

Rosie: Especially around children, right. For you, I would imagine, because even Ambusia is very individual. She said to me, “You know, Rosie…” I’m a night eater and stuff too. She has to be like, “If you have children, this whole rhythm of the individuality, it’s good that you have knowledge.” A lot of women, or maybe even dads too, have a sort of Design and they don’t realize they’re beating themselves up. They think, “I must need to go to another workshop and work on myself more because I just can’t. I don’t feel like I’m-” It’s like, “No, actually, you’re doing a tremendous job.”

It’s so important for the individual to mutate and impact. I always say too, the individuals are a lot of different things and the Design can show that. I’s like, “Hey, you can either be the guru on the mountain, or those same people are really quick to like, burn you at the stake.” The individual has been prosecuted for so long by being in the wrong tribe or the wrong collective. If I go to the number one punk-rock bar in LA and sing them jazz and wonder why they don’t like it, it’s not the right tribe or the vibe.

Once I started playing music full-on at 25, it empowered me to, I don’t know how else to say it, not kiss other people’s asses. I spent a lot of my life actually being very humble and learning from other people, which I think was good, and had life hand my ass to me quite a few times. It was good to have that humility, and then be able to be in a position where actually no, I don’t need to work. I don’t need clients. I don’t even need music. I don’t need to deal with anybody’s bullshit because actually, I make my money in a way that empowers me and allows me to express who I am.

A lot of compromising in the modernized world is through work. I often listen to people and they’ve got terrible coworkers that can just ruin their life. There’s no way you would be around that person if you weren’t in the office with them. You wouldn’t have just met them. That’s another thing that’s interesting that’s changing with that North Node in Cancer. It forced everybody to stay home, so the whole work dynamic is changing. It allows for more individualization in the program, backdrop of the whole world, which in a way I’m like, “Hell yeah, I would rather not.”

I think it’s better for people to not be forced. I always felt like I didn’t understand myself as much but not everybody has to be friends. Since everybody wanted to be at my house all the time, I had all of this individual energy and it never stopped. Right there at the beach. It did, it helped me see how I could position myself so that I could enjoy being with people, as opposed to being melancholy and totally Not-Self, anger, and frustration.

John: I can see the 1/3 process coming through as well. You were referring to a certain humility before, but then building the confidence or the strength through life lessons, the third line aspect of it.

Rosie: I also have that one thing, the second-class ticket, which I always thought was funny. That’s the same thing as the Queen of Clubs. It’s a great thing to have absolutely nothing because then you realize that you’re still okay.

Amy: I think you’re naming something really powerful, especially for Generators. The way that work is so important, whatever work you do. It’s for the love of the work, it can never really be for money. I mean, the money is the byproduct.

Rosie: Money is just… We trade our time for pieces of paper that we need to trade for something that we consider valuable. I was thankful to have an opportunity to have some jobs somewhere where I could make money and have a roof over my head. It’s fine, but I think there’s a certain confidence that I have that other people might not. I do see people sometimes disabled from finding their talents because of a financial buffer or an inheritance.

It’s so funny with the Design. I had a great partner for years. He was financially and independently wealthy, but he had charisma and he loved to be busy all the time. It was fantastic. He wasn’t disabled from it because he had all this other great stuff going on in his Design. A lot of times, I was like, “Dude, you don’t realize that you have something special that’s valuable in this world.” When you never have to show up and be responsible. Drugs, alcohol, and addiction; it’s becoming worse and worse and worse and worse. Having all these people unemployed- it’s much harder to be a drug addict when you have responsibilities, get sober, and go to work every day. It’s easier to fall into this malaise and all these Neptune squares are happening.

Amy: It’s great, what you’re mentioning. It feels very Gate 41 to me, which you both have in your Crosses. That limitation is the maximization of potential, what you’re saying. We can’t know sometimes if it’s just free rein, and there’s no structure, there’s no limit to anything. We don’t actually know what we can do or what’s inside of us. What could come out and what could we create?

Rosie: I even find, especially with Generators, I’m like, “Dude, the more busy I am, the more exercise-” Actually, the more exercise, when you actually have a schedule, you take time out for yourself to do the special things. What’s funny to me, especially lately, I have so many different people who are dealing with all of these health issues. I’m telling them, “Hey, you need to sweat five days a week and exercise hard.” They’re all Generators. The looks that people give me…. I know, I’ve been there too.

You already feel guilty because you know you should be moving your body and exercising, but it’s like an object in motion stays in motion, an object at rest stays at rest. Mentally, emotionally, and physically, you have to get your limbs going, you have to be exercising. It’s funny to me that the more trippy the world gets and the more disassociation, the program, the Kali Yuga, and artificial intelligence are even more of a need for people to exercise and be in the body. However, I get such a push-back. I’m like, “How am I getting a push-back over something that’s the most common sense thing in the world.” It’s incredible, especially for Generators. I know I’m manifesting differently.

I lived in Kauai and then I was traveling, but then when I moved back to America, I was living in Jackson Hole. I started doing a lot of readings and pure work all the time and still doing yoga and skiing. It was still a different lifestyle. I gained a lot of weight. Part of the reason I think again, I was doing the readings and was not being grounded. It was heavy foods, cold stuff, eating and cooking all the time. Then, I did hot yoga teacher training and now I exercise heavily and do stuff all the time. I’m going, “How was my mind even functioning?” Let alone what we’re doing, helping people, but even regular people.

You have electricity in your body. If we plug the phone into charge, it’s useful. If you drop it in the bathtub, it’s destructive. I’m like, “Are you angry? Are you depressed? Do you need a divorce? Or do you need more cardio? Do you need to have an affair or do you need to exercise and get back in the body and feel good about yourself?” It’s really interesting. Unfortunately, I think people are just going to be leaving the body more and more and more in certain ways. Disassociating people are either getting really healthy or not.

Amy: I’m wondering if you’re seeing this because you’re interacting with so many people who are coming to you for a consultation, given everything that’s going on in the world. We’ve now started to reference this a bunch of times, we’re in this crazy time. There’s so much happening. I’m wondering what you’re seeing in terms of how much people are personalizing the ocean that we’re swimming in. What are you seeing in terms of how people are practicing?

Rosie: People are offing themselves. They had, in one month in California, the amount of suicides they normally had in a year. That’s what they published. How many do we not even fucking know about? People are totally personalizing it. Here are a few things that were very positive that I found. I have a lot of clients: women, kids, and stuff. They’re professionals. Now, they’ve been forced, for these last few months, to be at home with their kids. To work from home, the lucky ones. A lot of them have said to me things like, “You know, Rosie, I always have this anxiety that if I was forced to be stuck with my kids, I couldn’t handle it. I’d totally lose it.” They’re like, “You know what, it’s fine. I feel great.”

They’re getting empowered. They had been robbed of the idea that they could educate, that they could cook for their kids. I’m thinking of a particular couple of them who are doctors or psychologists. They can still run their practices and see people in their homes with their kids. They’re not totally overwhelmed which is empowering for those women in a lot of ways. I also find that relationships are actually kind of getting pretty good. A bunch of my clients, even today. are saying to me, “I thought this quarantine was going to be the end of us, but it’s actually the best thing ever.”

I think people were really tired. I think they’re starting to get some rest. Obviously, if the relationship wasn’t good, even with this Venus retrograde center thing happening, it definitely is coming to an end. There’s a lot of shifting. However, I think that people are, not as much with my clients, but I’m hearing stories that people are losing their ability to cope with life and keeping their grip on reality. I think that people are getting nastier and nastier, just like in the times from the Bible. Don’t engage in this. It’s like little black magicians. There’s this energy everywhere that’s feeding off this negativity. I think people are getting nastier and nastier and it’s not going to go back to this kumbaya anytime soon. That’s for sure.

John: What you’re describing seems to be the underlying ripples that are going out into the collective, our culture, and our society now through the whole thing with the Coronavirus. Now with the social issues too. It makes me wonder, is this all just this continuing of the unfolding that Ra described with the Cross a Planning going away, moving into 2027? We’re just starting to see it-

Rosie: And not caring about the tribe anymore. The no meat thing. We’re going towards all this synthetic, which I mean, plant-based diets are obviously fantastic. However, I find it interesting that Ra would talk about how we were not going to be eating meat anymore. Things like that. Now with the virus and everything, so many animals. First of all, this collective suffering. I mean, a huge amount of death and loss just happened, not just from the virus. They had to euthanize millions and millions of animals because of the shutdown. Not to mention all the suicides. We have all this martyr stuff happening in the global chart, which is basically dredging up the collective unconsciousness.

It’s like we’re all waking up from a bad movie. I think people didn’t realize how bad it’s always been. This is a human farm and the fuel is fear. Now, people are waking up to how atrocious it was. There’s one guy, Harald Kautz-Vella. He’s a cool German guy. He said it’s almost like a movie just ended. When a movie ends and the credits are rolling. Nobody gives a shit anymore. Everybody’s yelling and shouting. This collective spell or demonic spell of the way that we treat death, the way we treat animals, and the way we treat human beings, everything. It’s kind of over now.

We’re in a daze that we can’t quite accept yet. It’s like you’re still walking out of the theater going, “What just happened?” Also, everybody’s screaming and shouting and it doesn’t even matter anymore. The movie is over. That whole thing of, “Yeah, there is no more planning. There are no more conclusions to draw.” We’re going towards individualization, whatever that means. Sometimes that individualization is people who are already living their entire lives connected to a computer, a video game, or virtual reality. So I mean, this has already happened to lots and lots of people.

John: It doesn’t seem like it’s going to go easy across the board. There are a lot of people who are digging in and not accepting it. I’ve had a couple of different conversations with people lately, or I’ve seen them online, and they’re using the terminology of the collective and saying that things are becoming too individualized. They’re saying that we need to go back and we need to get back together. You can literally hear it in the conversations and discussions that this is not going to be an easy transition for them. I have to recognize that we’ve got three pure individuals here on this podcast today. We’re all like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Individual.” This is our life anyway, so what’s new?

Rosie: Why world? No, no, it’s true. Actually, that’s the same thing as Pisces going into Aquarius. Pisces was all about the community. It’s also delusional, codependent, and confusing. Now we’re going into Aquarius and it’s not just some brotherhood, it’s cold. Has anybody ever dated an Aquarius? It’s detached. Even the incredibly sharp rise in homelessness that I’ve seen over the past 10-15 years of traveling, especially in cities in America, but it’s overwhelming. We don’t care anymore. It’s almost as if it’s so overwhelming that you have to be numb and blind to it in a certain way to protect your own sanity. It is very cold.

The Age of Aquarius is technology. Remember your rawness was Cronos’s father who eats his own children. I was like, “What did you think you signed up for? Have you ever studied comparative religions because none of them say this is ‘the good place’?” The Christians believe that the devil is the ruler of this world who has been cast down here. The Jews believe the Messiah hasn’t even come back yet and things are going to get exponentially worse than today is. Hindus believe we’re in the Kaliyuga. The Nine Star Key for Michio Kushi, which is a great numerology system in Japan, believes that we’re going into a great age of fire in 2032, ding, ding, ding.

Even some of the stuff of Don Ruiz or the Four Agreements, one of the things he would say is, “You have to be vigilant and strong against the parasite that lives in your mind that feeds off of fear and negativity.” People don’t realize what they’re actually up against. It all seems very bleak and gloomy, to all these Kumbaya, tribal law people. Guess what? You have to meet reality where reality is. If there is a giant flood coming, you can stand there and say, “This flood is not here,” and get swept away and die. Guess what? You can do more work on the planet than dying and having to come back again. People don’t want to stand there and do that. I’m acknowledging there’s a flood coming, and I’m going up the fucking mountain.

I’ve been telling people that forever. I have all this Scorpius. It’s like, “Oh, Rosa, you’re so dark.” I’m like, “Well, maybe if you were a little darker, and you were a little more astute, we wouldn’t have all 80% of all the people I talked to having been sexually molested, because their parents were living in la la land and weren’t really super aware.” Those things can happen even when you are aware. I think with good people, we’re oblivious to the fact that these things actually exist. We just had a kid here get snatched in Colorado, they’re still looking for him just a few towns over. He’s a three-year-old boy, snatched from his front yard.

People need to be aware of the flood that is coming. This will take care of the population agenda in a lot of ways too. The ones who want to go down kicking and screaming, the ones who want to poison themselves and consent to whatever kind of poisons are going to be rolled down the line. It’s happening. I think the population is not what they say it is anyway. There are a lot of things that say that it’s actually less, and fertility rates are plummeting in Western countries.

John: So, your motivation is innocence. Your view, or your perspective looks like its possibilities based on what you’re seeing and hearing in the environment. As you’re looking at 2027, the changes that we’re discussing, you’re talking to so many people, what are the possibilities that you see coming up in terms of where this could go or what could happen?

Rosie: There are definitely some positives, but the positives are going to come out of individualization and protecting your own ass and your family. Right now, there are lots of people who just accidentally happen to be in a city that got looted, burned, and rioted, even though they didn’t want to have anything to do with that. Now, their possibility is not very nice. Is it because they were around the wrong tribe or the wrong collective? If people really want to protect themselves, they’re going to need to put their own interests first. They’re going to need to go to places where there are not huge amounts of people because this collective is only going to get more and more out of control.

I think we’re going towards a possibility of more and more disconnection and coldness. Look, we just ostracized all the elderly and the sick like in a science fiction movie. It’s leaving only the strong, the healthy, the wealthy, and the good-looking. That’s it. If you’re sick at all, it used to be, “Oh, we have to Pisces. We need to take care of the sick, we have to take care of the elderly. Boom, in one month we decided to shove them in a place where nobody could see them, to ostracize them. They can’t even be around the public because they’re going to get everybody sick. That didn’t take long, did it?

Now, all illnesses are ostracized or villainized. Much like HIV and stuff, right? When that came out, all of a sudden, everybody was talking about this. I’m not old enough, but they were saying it reminded them of their HIV scares. All of a sudden, if your immune system is low… which is what it really is, it’s just an indicator of creating huge amounts of white blood cells. I think we’re going towards the death pill. They’ve already offered it. If you are a burden on society, you can just go take this pill and relieve yourself.

It used to be that you actually took care of your elders, you learned from them. It was a very healing, beautiful circle of life to take care of them. Taking care of anything in a way is very healthy. We often take care of ourselves better when we take care of other things. That’s all done. If people want to hold on to that, take care of their families, and be in the tribal thing, obviously, there’s going to be holdouts, and that is still going to exist, but they need to be individualized about it even more as well.

John: That’s an interesting point you make. One of the themes that Amy and I have been seeing that has come up in different circles and discussions is that there is kind of an increasing movement towards, say, your fractal family. The fractal that’s talked about in Human Design is people who are on your particular trajectory or path in life with whom you resonate. I think we’re seeing this, the old tribes, the old kind of family bonds, institutions, and even corporations because they’re modern tribes in a way. The corporate environment, they’re starting to break down. People are being distributed, we’re working from home, and all that. Increasingly, it seems we’re being drawn to people we truly resonate with, at least the people who are relatively aware and in tune with whatever that is, or themselves.

Rosie: That’s very positive. Actually, I’m really seeing that a lot. I’m seeing people find better friends, better living locations, and lots of opportunities to relocate because lots of people were in cities for jobs. Now, they don’t have to be. Honestly, the best part is reality is unfolding into what it really is. It’s just people who want to fight it. That’s going to be when it’s a problem, but I think you’re totally right.

Here in Aspen, for example, obviously, it’s one of the wealthiest places in the world. Most of the time, most of the people who live here aren’t here. These are second and third homes. More people are here than ever because all of the second and third homeowners fled the cities and came here. It’s all these people who already want to have a beautiful life, appreciate nature, and these sorts of things, but have big movies and corporations to run. Well, now they don’t. They’re here. We’re really lucky because the economy, it’s an actual economy, as opposed to the X Games or all these different things. We would bring in tens of thousands of people and it caused a lot of damage to the environment. A lot of times not that much money was going back to the actual economy. Now, there are people living here.

My clients and friends are not sending their kids to boarding school this winter. They are not going back to the cities this winter. They’re staying here. I’m having clients meet people romantically, and it’s a small town. They’d be like, “I know everybody here,” but no, you don’t. A lot of these people weren’t here. Everybody’s all together in this little pot of weirdness. We’re talking about a town where Hunter Thompson ran for sheriff. It’s pretty much fantastic. I think in all these positive ways. People are saying to me, too, “You told me I was going to meet somebody and blah, blah, blah, but now with the quarantine.” Dude, you’re going to meet him because of the quarantine. His shopping cart is going to run into your car. Normally you wouldn’t have met him because he travels for work, but now…

People are so funny in the way that they- what do they say, make God laugh, tell him your plans. They think there’s so much control over everything. I do find the fractal thing very important. I use that word all the time. People are like, “What’s a fractal,” but then it makes perfect sense, your real fractal. Speaking on the individual thing, that’s one of the problems I have in relationships. When I go into a relationship, even sometimes friendships, I’m such a weirdo and I don’t like the fractal the other person brings in. Their fractal is not my fractal. Now, I’m so empowered by the way that I am, I’m like, “Oh hell no. That person is not invited to the party. That is not happening. That is not my fractal.” That’s literally what I say. I have no time, energy, or patience to even indulge in that. How many times do you hear, “I just hate my partner’s friends,” and it causes problems?

Amy: First of all, I’m seeing the sort of empowerment and resonance that happens just individual to individual and how much Ra talked about that as well. There’s also this thing about fractals and who you resonate with and why you resonate with them at this time. Are we being more pushed toward that in some ways because the whole world is being pushed into crisis, survival, and massive change? We’re obviously reorienting, reorganizing, and reprioritizing.

I don’t know what the future looks like. Where the hell do I want to be today and tomorrow? I don’t know what the next year or two is going to look like. I can’t count on any of that. So, I better figure out where I want to be, who I want to be with, and what I want to be doing. There’s also something I think, I don’t know how consciousness is, but unconsciously, it feels to me like the resonance and fractals that we’re able to experience is probably one of the healthiest things when you’re looking at and talking about relationships and conditioning in terms of Human Design and the body. Ra said, the people you have around you and the influences of those energies, whether or not they resonate with your physical form, it’s probably the most impactful thing in your life.

Rosie: It can make or break you. That’s how I like to shake, I can shake people. You wouldn’t believe that every bad story I ever hear is because they had a bad doctor, a bad lawyer, or bad advice about accounting. I have people who were swept up in the college scandal. They weren’t bribing, but their friends used that guy and said, “Hey, you use them too.” Then, because of the wrong fractal, and they didn’t do any bribing, they still ended up in prison. So talk about the wrong fractal. “Oh, let’s go to the protest today,” and then your little friend takes you with your open G and you get a rubber bullet in your eye. Now, you’ve lost your eye. I don’t know if that was really the best use. Game over, try again.

Amy: In some ways, the individuality you’re talking about too then, many of us are being pushed into like, “No, we can’t just count on the tribe anymore. No, we can’t just go along with the crowd anymore. We actually need to be more alert than that. We’ve got to turn inward, to take care of this first or know what’s right for us truly, for our own bodies, for the people closest to us.” It’s not just about being selfish or something. I think it’s about survival and awareness, and it’s about doing what you can with what you have and where you are.

Rosie: It has an enlightened selfishness. If you’re dead, there’s no more codependency, bullshit, and blame, don’t worry! People are so ridiculous, especially women. Women are programmed so that our entire self-esteem comes from how we take care of other people. At the end of the day, as you’re saying, we have all these totally depleted women. Their chi is gone. They’re the free slave labor of the world in a certain way expected to agitate, to do all the stuff. In certain countries, you have kids, and you get a stipend for that. They’re raising the next generation, there should be some funding allowed. It shouldn’t be that it’s this insane responsibility and depletion, and then you’ve got to make a living on top of it.

John: It brings up your 27/1. We’ve talked about this before where the key node of the 27/1 is a Gate in the Sacral Center. It’s potentially a Generator Gate, the key node is selfishness. It goes back to what you’re saying, how the correct orientation for Generators is, “Let’s focus on oneself first.” The 27/1 is really speaking to that and saying, “If I can take care of myself, and use my energy correctly, in a way that’s good for me.” There is a sense of real caring, Gate 27, that can be expressed. In other words, you would naturally use your energy in a caring way if you are being selfish.

One of the criticisms that I think the individuals get, or as we’ve been talking about, the individual theme is that, “If we all move out of these tribes and collectives and we go in this individual direction, everyone’s going to be out for themselves. It’s going to be terrible, and no one’s going to do anything for anyone.” It’s simply not true. I don’t think it works that way. There is a movement toward the individual, but I think that there will be a natural sense of goodness or caring that comes as a result of someone being satisfied, living a meaningful life, and wanting to then share that with others on some level.

Rosie: I can’t even believe it’s a discussion. If the king and the queen were diddling around with every jerk off in the kingdom, they’d never be able to make bigger decisions for the entire kingdom. Then, the entire kingdom is screwed. Never underestimate people’s self-destructive tendencies either. These are patterns, programs, and archetypes. People don’t want to let go of their victimhood and their martyrdom. “I do everything for everyone and I’m never taking care of…” That’s an identity that people are attached to.

I have the 27/1 in my life. I’ve been in a caretaking position for most of my life. My parents adopted me and they adopted three disabled kids after me. I’m a Queen of Clubs, I’ve always been of service in certain ways. It was a very unhealthy way. The Queen of Clubs is always like, “It’s all good until it’s not good. Everybody get the hell out.” I had to learn boundaries. The only way that I can do what I do is because I have those boundaries.

I have friends trying to call me all the time over piddly little bullshit and if it’s self-inflicted, I don’t have much sympathy. I have a career and I’m successful because I don’t sit around and listen to a bunch of people talking about shit that I don’t care about that doesn’t matter because I just need to fill the time. That’s why I can go and hold space for people and give readings. That’s why people who have practices and families in the Not-Self and don’t have Design or anything, they’re really good people who have a lot to offer. The Sigmund Freuds of the world who can turn into complete monsters who are manipulative and passive-aggressive because their needs aren’t getting met, but yet, they’re taking care of everybody else. It becomes just one big ol’ pot of misery.

I think that’s probably why I’m successful, too. When I got to know my Design, I was like, “Yeah, I’m selfish and self-absorbed. I’m in my own little world.” Other people would always be like, “Rosie, how can I be more like you?” You need to be self-absorbed if you want to play an instrument or if you want to learn a language. You need to be self-absorbed and spend time on yourself.

One of the greatest things Doris Lessing shared, she had these lectures. She’s huge, she’s a King of Hearts. She left her kids to be raised by her husband, only keeping the house warm and dry. She was a huge leader in the communist movement, then she got out of it. She had this great lecture series. One of the most poignant things she said was, she was talking about how we are puppets for this collective shift in consciousness that happens. How can the values of the collective be so shifted? In the 1950s, here in America, we had the McCarthy trials, and somebody could accuse you of being a communist and absolutely ruin your career. They could bring you in front of a tribunal and they could actually throw you in jail over this collective if everybody is agreeing that this is what’s going on.

A mere 10-15 years later, people are burning their draft cards, burning their bras, and saying screw you to the Government. In the 1960s or 70s, no kind of McCarthy thing would have ever worked, because the collective perspective had shifted in a mere 15-20 years. However, the poor individuals who were swept up in that shift had their entire lives ruined because they happened to be around the wrong fractal of people accusing them of being communists since they just didn’t like them, that ruined their entire life. I see that so much with people. I’m like, “Wow, they’ve got you arguing over who’s the better slave master over your dinner. Amazing. The plan has really worked.”

Everybody gets the life they deserve. That’s one of my favorite phrases. If people choose willful ignorance, fine. That’s what I see as a possibility, only the strong and the healthy will survive. It goes to show why money is more important than ever. If you were stuck somewhere in a fire-looted city, and you can’t suddenly leave, once again, that’s how we keep people oppressed. It’s by keeping them poor because they don’t have freedom of movement.

John: Before we run out of time, I want to make sure we talk a little bit about the Destiny Card System. It has a really interesting past in history. I know most of the people listening to the podcast are somewhat familiar with Human Design and astrology, but probably not Destiny Cards. Could you tell us a little bit about what it is and how you work with it?

Rosie: I use the Destiny card system. It actually is the original use of a 52-card deck in the Tarot. The Destiny Cards predate Tarot. It’s always been a birthday calendar. We can have a little infographic that you put up, but before Napoleon, in France, legalized the playing cards, they were always gypsy, Roman. They were illegal. People wanted to gamble and stuff, but it was outlawed because it was always for divination, unfortunately.

Napoleon was obsessed with this system. He had a famous card reader named Mademoiselle Marie Anne-Lenormand. She used to do all those readings for him. He had the brilliant idea to let the French people start playing these games. France, of course, they’re so naughty. The French were like, “We will legalize the cards,” and that was the first place to do so. It was very taboo and all of a sudden, you’re letting the French people play Pinnacle poker or whatever. It inundates them into his society.

Now, think about how strong the archetypes of the playing cards are. They haven’t changed in thousands of years. I have books from 1,000 years ago in China that show playing cards as a divination system. It’s all over Egypt. We’re super addicted to gambling, Vegas, all these things, but actually, the real meaning is kind of forgotten. It’s in the Bible. It’s a little book of the seven thunders, I have a lot of articles on my website, about it. Robert Camp has amazing historical information about it.

Basically, it is this birthday calendar. When I moved to Kauai, I kind of came across it and it totally resonated with my Western chart as well. Each day has a card and my birthday, April 22, is the Queen of Clubs. The year doesn’t matter. The day before me is the King of Clubs. The day after me is the Jack of Clubs. It follows this beautiful mathematical rhythm. You can look at each year of your life, and you have a numerological forecast for it. Every queen of clubs at five years old has the same numerology, how they choose to play is different.

This system, I don’t even know where it came from. It’s incredible. There’s this one book, The Mystic Tests Pack by Olney Richmond. I have some stuff about him. I think he was a super high-up military guy through the 1800s. It’s so funny. He was like, “I was very skeptical, blah, blah, blah.” Then, he got approached by this group and they asked him to write this book to reintroduce the system. He wrote this book in the 1800s and it started to become more familiar and popular with one of Ronald Reagan’s in-house advisors. I have his amazing book about it. It was always kind of in the background and in the shadows, but it’s an incredibly accurate astrological system.

It goes hand in hand with all these other systems that we use. Robert Camp and I produce a weekly reading kit, where you can do your own weekly readings at home using an actual deck. It’s a nice way to get acquainted with Numerology and the archetypes of the planets. It’s fascinating. This is the system that I work with. I use all the different systems together in the reading and I blend them. This system is the one where I can look at the past and say, “You know, three months ago, did you have an argumentative male come into your life that gave you legal problems?” It’s incredible in that way. You can also see the future forecasts: children, moving, and different things like that.

It really freaks me out because I’ve done so many thousands. I don’t know, I don’t hold this in my head, but my inbox is full. People will be like, “Rosie, you told us that we’re going to sell our candy company.” They had it in the family forever and they had no intention of selling it. Then, somebody came along and offered them 10 times what it was worth, to the point that they couldn’t even refuse it. They’re like, “We can’t believe it. We retired early.” I’m like, “I know, I knew it. I told you.” I was like, “You’re not going to be running the company anymore because everything changes in their chart.” It’s an incredibly accurate system. It’s very mysterious.

It even has overall energies when you see the visual. You’ll notice that January 1 is the only day that’s the King of Spades. Spades only come in at the beginning of the year. Most birthdays are Diamonds and Clubs, which would be Vata energy. Clubs are intellectual energy and knowledge. Diamonds are money values and the material world. Hearts don’t come until the very end of the year, which is emotional energy.

Other things in my astrology had shown me talents and things like that, or Human Design, but he’s very specific. He says very specific things about very specific times in your life. What I like about it is you can literally read one page and it can blow you away. It’s a great way to introduce people to these systems without having to sit down and have a lengthy hour-and-a-half session.

I do a lot of astrology parties, so I will give many readings at art gallery openings, salons, bridal showers, and weddings. I’ve found that that is facilitated because of the ease of the Destiny Card System. I couldn’t give a five or ten-minute intro to Design, but with this, I can literally give a five-minute reading where I can tell them what’s going to happen in the future. I can tell them what happened in the past. I think that is also part of my success. I’ve done so many huge group events where I did little introducing to people who might not even be normally into it then they came back to me and became longtime clients.

John: It kind of goes back to what we were saying early on in the conversation about the systems, but in particular with the Destiny Card System, do you see it as the conditions or the weather that we’re in? Is that really what’s going on when you can do so many readings and have that feedback or result from your clients? Is it because they’re just being carried along in life by these conditions?

Rosie: I don’t know. I’m reading it out of a book, right? Especially if it’s a person, they see that it has nothing to do with me. It literally says, “These things happened to this person at ages five and six that caused them to retreat from trusting other people completely.” I’ve read that Five of Clubs thing to thousands of people who are Five of Clubs. Every single time something very bad happened to them at that age. That’s why what I do is so powerful. It’s so pointed because of the truth. If a psychic came to you and said, “This happened to you at five years old.” You’ll say, “Okay, what else can you tell me? That did happen.”

I can have an off day and it’s not like I can’t do readings, but maybe I’m not as charming and funny that day. In general, it’s not like I can’t talk to the ancestors because I’m not in tune. It’s mathematical patterns. It’s just astonishing, John. You’ve been into it a bit. Design can be astonishing as well, but it gets a little weirder when it starts to be the future stuff. Now, it’s really predictive. It’s just incredible. It’s every single time. Go look up any of your favorite celebrities, it’s every single time. The Nine of Clubs was born onto the Nine of Spades death card. Usually, they’re born into a war-torn situation. They’re forced to take responsibility at an early age or have to caretake siblings or a parent or there’s alcoholism involved. There’s a lot of Neptune. Every single time, they’re like, “Yep, that’s exactly what happened.”

A gifted astrologer could go and look at a Western chart and see certain instincts or things like that as well, or moon square Mars, or different things like that. It’s just so written now. Robert, I have a lot of different books on the Justice Card Systems, but his is the most succinct. He really just nails it. He’s also brutal. As you guys know, with some of those things, I don’t even want the people to read their page. I want to ease them into it because I’ll bring the books to a party or something and be like, “Check out your card,” but with some of them, I’m like, “No, I don’t want to traumatize this person.”

John: If people wanted to find you, connect with you, or book a session, where can they go? Should they go to your website?

Rosie: Yeah, my website is I spell my name two ways, for my bipolar personality or my Gemini moon, it’s Rosie Cutter. Somebody had already taken the other thing so I just started spelling it both ways. If you Google ‘Rosie Cutter’, my website will come up. I post the funniest memes in the universe. My Instagram is also very funny. People often contact me through there or through Facebook.

My phone number is listed on my social media too. I usually don’t like people calling because a lot of times I’m in sessions, but people can contact me directly. I have prices listed on the site, but there is also a disclaimer, I’ll work with anybody on any budget. So if it’s that way, contact me directly, don’t pay through the site. I do workshops. Normally I travel more and do workshops and different things in California and places like that. Mostly it’s phone sessions and I do 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Sometimes I do written reports for people or recorded ones if they’re too busy. A lot of family stuff too. It can be really nice to see your kid’s cards or your kid’s Designs. I also do parties.

Amy: Well it’s been so fun talking to you, Rosie. Thank you for sharing your unique frequency, how you see things, and how you work with things. I think people are really lucky to have you as a resource.

Rosie: Oh, I thank you guys so much for being with us. Thank you and I love what you guys are doing.

John: It’s been great. Thanks very much and maybe we can do another one in the future.

Rosie: Let’s see how crazy things are in about three months.

Amy: See what else the world gives us to talk about.

Rosie: I’m sure we could endlessly pontificate forever. I’m personally going to fiddle while Rome burns.

John: Alright, thanks again.

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