Transits by Type

In addressing how the themes of the transit field and in particular the Rave New Year are affecting us, we can consider how the transit field affects us based on what type we are. As Projectors and Generators, our experience of interpersonal conditioning is so strong that the transit field and whatever’s happening in the weather, whatever’s happening on the collective programming level, tends to be less prominent in our experience.  Our auras are receptive interpersonally; the Projector aura being focused and absorbing and the Generator aura being open and enveloping.

What happens in the experience of Projectors or Generators based on who they’re interacting with aurically is pretty intense. It’s pretty loud. So whether we’re looking at conditioning from a historical perspective, whatever we were conditioned by in our upbringing chronically, or whether we’re just looking at the current mechanics between us and whomever we’re interacting within the moment, energetically in the present, those influences are strong.  The transit weather, whether it’s the daily transits or the Rave New Year, can tend to be experienced more like a background frequency. And yet at the same time, if you consider that most of the homogenized population, for most of the collective, a lot of these transit themes are really controlling what the group mind is focused on. They’re feeding what people are talking about and feeling compelled to think about and act upon.

The transit field is driving a lot of behavior, especially what we see publicly in media, whether that’s news media or social media. So in that sense, depending on who you’re talking to, if you’re a Projector or a Generator and you’re talking to somebody in the grocery store or a friend who’s really programmed by the news, then that’s what they’re feeding on, the collective themes. That’s what we’re picking up through them. In each individual experience, we can just take a look and notice how much we pick up on this, either from the collective in general or through how it’s homogenizing the people that we’re interacting with every day. It can take some practice as a Projector or Generator to distinguish between these different conditioning influences.

When we look at Manifestors and Reflectors, then we’re looking at two types that have an aura that’s much more resistant to interpersonal conditioning.  The Manifestor aura that’s closed and repelling or the Reflector aura that’s sampling, that’s like Teflon, it’s taking things in, in bits, but it’s pushing it back out. We’re seeing two aura types that are really not as affected by the interpersonal auric interaction and therefore are potentially much more receptive to or much more influenced by what the larger transit weather is doing. They’re picking up on that. And it’s interesting, if you look at the interpretations of the influences through the eyes of a Reflector, they’re very focused on the environment as a whole and on the group as a whole, which is the Reflector orientation. Reflectors are very much oriented toward what is happening in the environment and what is happening in this group field.

So considering type and aura, we can start to look at these different conditioning dynamics and notice: How do I actually experienced this for myself?  How does this actually affect me? It can get pretty complex because we can take any birth chart design and see the definition that’s in it and how all of that operates with the conscious and the unconscious. And then, look at the open centers and how they are functioning. And then if you’re looking at your personal transits, your personal Solar Returns and your major Cycle Transits, a Saturn Return or Uranus Opposition, you can start to feel like how complicated it can get really fast to be looking at all these different influences.

Some might argue especially as a Projector or a Generator, that your personal Solar Return, the one that’s based on your birth chart, and your personal major Cycle Transits, are potentially a lot more impactful than what’s in the collective field. I invite us all to just be open to the experiment of this and noticing what we pick up on, what seems true and in our personal experience.  If it feels complicated or like it’s a lot to process, then we can distill it down to coming back to personal strategy and authority, which is always the bottom line of looking at any analysis. We can keep it really simple in terms of what we actually do or how we’re interacting with our own experiments by just coming back to the simplicity of what’s true for this body, based on its inner authority. And that actually makes it really simple.

The value of looking at some of this transit analysis is that, as we watch the inner talk of the mind, the inner dialogue, we can start to see the effect of some of these transits. We start to see it lean towards certain themes based on whatever the weather is. The temptation is to think that because the inner mind talk is different this year or because it’s repeating certain themes, maybe I need to start listening to that, rather than listening to the core basic inner authority and strategy. These repetitive conditioned thoughts can be very compelling, they can activate different energies in us and stir up emotion.  If we’re alert to what those themes are, it can give us a signpost for recognizing that those thoughts aren’t personal, those themes aren’t actually personal and many of them are not at all unique. They are just evidence of the ocean that we are swimming in right now. That’s what we’re all swimming in.

The collective mind is all about sharing and it can become really contagious. If there’s a particular theme that’s big for the year, then that becomes this thing that catches on. And of course, you see it in social media where people start to latch on to certain themes and they gain a lot of momentum in terms of what people are talking about and what people are promoting in a way that can start to pull us away from our individual truth. So I think that’s some of the value of looking at it a little more closely to really understand how the mind is working.

In starting to work with transits, I find it helpful to look back before I look forward because then I can look back and see what the 2018 program was about and reflect on how I actually experienced that.  Our next article will focus on the themes of 2018 and 2019.

As our witnessing, experimenting and awareness grow, it becomes easier to distinguish between the different conditioning influences we encounter.  Conditioning is always happening, the input is unavoidable. What we do with it, how we interact with it, is what we have the opportunity to transform through awareness.  To stop identifying with it and stop being controlled by it enough to discover our own truth in relationship to it.

(Transcribed and edited from the Live Meet Up on Jan 20, 2019)

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