The Frequency of Each Life

“We have a false prophecy about the nature of love. We assume that we generate love in the world by loving each other. This is a funny thing because this has nothing to do with what this love is all about. It has nothing to do with loving your guru, your friend or your dog. It has to do with being one with the creative process, accepting surrender for what it is to be you and seeing in that surrender your own beauty. Only when you find surrender in your own beauty do you put love in the aura of the world. There is no other way. No matter how sweet and nice you are and how much love you have within yourself and how much love you want to put into the world, it is not going to change the aura of our planet. What changes the aura of our planet is human beings living their nature. That is the crux of what our work is, so that human beings can just live out their nature without the morality, without the conditioning, to see clearly what it is just to be themselves. That creates love in the world.”

-Ra Uru Hu, from The Rave I’Ching Line Companion, pg 100

As a mental projector, my voice is the most reliable thing in me. Having entirely individual channel definition, means that there is a uniqueness as well as a melancholy that comes with being different, that I feel and express through my voice. The authority for a mental projector is called the sounding board.  If I can talk things through with someone who can just listen with me, the truth can be heard in the sound or the frequency of my voice fueled by whatever definition they have that I do not. This is not a mental or logical process. It is mechanical and expresses simply through the recognition of when my voice is speaking the truth. Anyone with no inner authority in their design can benefit from speaking to different people in order to hear different aspects of their truth.  Eventually clarity can emerge.  This also means that finding clarity with no inner authority is dependent on conditioning from others.

In terms of sound, frequency is the rate of sound vibrations that causes something to be heard. Every sound we hear is a product of frequency. Although light is typically thought of in terms of wavelength, it can also be described in terms of frequency. In fact everything is composed of vibration, down to the level of cells, molecules and atoms.

Through our openness, we all take in the frequencies and energies around us, which can give us information and cause our bodies to resonate or reverberate with what we encounter. It can take quite a bit of aloneness, time and space out of the proximity of other people’s energy to actually sense our own unique vibration. For most of my life, being a projector meant running around addicted to keeping up with the energy of those around me until the bitterness, melancholy and emotional overwhelm (completely open solar plexus) descended to drive me away from people (or get them running away from me) in order to allow myself real rest. Some aloneness is certainly a natural need for all people. Having an open sacral center can make it really hard to know when that time has come, when enough is enough.

Several years ago, I received a private voice lesson for the first time in more than 15 years. The teacher listened and guided me through scales and vocal exercises. I explained that I wanted to see if it was possible for me to have more power (keynote for the sacral center) in my voice, more volume, if my breathing and technique could be developed to allow more sound to be heard. He pulled up an app, which had the ability to measure and show sound frequency as it is being emitted by the singer. He explained the concept of formant, which is basically the concentration of acoustic energy around a particular frequency.  The stronger the formant, the more audible the sound.

As I was singing I could see the formants on a spectrograph and when they were strongest (most concentrated and audible). This aspect of sound was not about volume or power. The teacher explained that one of the reasons you can hear a human singer over an orchestra in an auditorium without amplification is that the human voice transmits frequencies that no orchestral instrument has in its range of sound.  It is the fact that the singer can express in frequencies that all the noise around her cannot, that makes her audible.

This understanding gave me a new insight into the concept of frequency in Human Design. How much we are heard may have less to do with how loud we are (how much we compete with and amplify and do with the energy around us) and more to do with the concentration of unique frequency, through expressing and being what we are.  Our ability to be heard (recognized) has so much more to do with the integrity of that expression. When I am invited, the stage is set and the attention is there. If I am present and the time is right, my frequency can be fueled by those around me and what I offer can cut through the noise in the room and the noise of the mind (both mine and theirs) and contact is made, transmission is possible and not only might I be appreciated by the people around me, but I grow in love for myself and the uniqueness I have to offer.

The tone of our frequency is what emanates from the definition in our designs.  It persists whether we are aligned with it or not.  The not self strategies are like our attempts to emanate from our openness, to create and sustain frequencies that our bodies do not possess.  We could think of our openness and definition as the dance between receptivity and emanation.

The Projector strategy, waiting for the invitation is a reminder and the application of living our design. It is waiting for the right moment, and the right audience to be open for us to offer what naturally comes through our particular frequency. Not because it is the best or the loudest or the most popular but because it is ours. It is our chance to succeed as ourselves.

For a Generator, with the open, enveloping aura, the sacral response is there to guide you toward which frequencies to take in.  Waiting and honoring the “no” response of the sacral energy allows you to stay in your frequency until you encounter what is correct to engage with.  Ultimately correct engagement of your energy and power brings satisfaction.

As a Manifestor, your frequency is impacting those around you, whether you want it to or not. Informing others is what helps them to be in allowance of your energy and potentially support it or add power to it, rather than resist it.  This movement of your frequency without resistance brings Peace.

This abiding in our frequency and letting it move us toward and away from activity, interaction and relationship is what allows life to express itself through us, as our unique role and purpose.

No matter what type we are, following strategy and authority is a tool for aligning with the frequency of the body so that it can be heard and recognized.  How do we know when we are in our frequency?  What does it feel like?  How do others interact with us?  Do you have reflections or questions to share about your experience?  I invite you to share them with us in the comments below.

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