The Approaching Rave New Year and Transits

The start of January arrives not long after the darkest days of the year and directly on the heels of a time when many of us go through some of the thickest societal and family conditioning, not to mention financial and social pressure and activity.  It has always seemed to me like an inopportune time to make new plans or try to feel fresh and new.

From the point of view of the Earth and it’s inhabitants, the Sun moves through the sky on a plane of reference called the Ecliptic. In Astrology this is mapped through the signs and constellations of the Zodiac. In Human Design, this path is represented in Rave Mandala which contains all of the Gates of the I Ching in a set progression. Each of these Gates is mapped to specific correlations to the BodyGraph and our experiences as 9 Centered beings.

According to this movement, in early January, we are still completing the year that is passing.  We are still influenced by the cycles which are coming to an end as we approach the Rave New Year which begins every year around January 21-22.

Interestingly, on January 1, the Sun is in Gate 38 in the Root Center, the Gate of the Fighter and Opposition.  This gate is about the individual drive to oppose detrimental forces in order to find meaning and purpose, often without knowing what that meaning and purpose is.

In the last several days, the Sun has entered Gate 54, the Gate of Drive, also in the Root Center. When we look at the current transits, we find four additional gates activated in the Root as well as the Channel of Mutation, bringing definition to the Sacral Center.

What does this all mean for us?  Looking at transits is a way of seeing the cosmic weather of the program moving through and around us.  The snapshot of today could be seen as a storm which carries a lot of drive, adrenaline, power, fixed patterns and potential for both change and deep melancholy without any awareness in the energetic field.  It could create a lot of pressure to challenge, oppose, correct, get ambitious, display our power and uniqueness and create change, all without awareness.  When we see the characteristics of the weather, we have the opportunity to notice how it may be affecting us and the people around us.  Transits can color the contents of our thoughts, so if we allow the thoughts passing through us to determine our course, we live at the effect of whatever the current weather happens to be.

As I write this, in the middle of the night in Northern California, heavy rain is falling with loud blustery winds.  I am imagining how funny it would be if I were to make a bunch of decisions based on this current weather being a permanent or long-lasting condition.  Or worse, if I believed that I caused this storm or if I used the fact that I would get wet if I went outside as evidence of some flaw or failing on my part.

Transit weather can be like this, we can think it is us, that we are the source of the experiences it stimulates, that we can control it or that it controls us.  Alternatively, we can be aware of it, prepare for the effect it might have on our bodies and minds, and remember to navigate from whatever we can trust and rely on in ourselves, knowing that the weather will change.

During the coming Meet Ups, we will be taking a closer look at the Open Centers in our designs and the planetary and interpersonal conditioning as it affects each individual.  Whether the transit activity feels like a distant background hum, a loud and present force or something in between depends largely on our individual charts and where we are in the deconditioning process.

In terms of the Rave New Year, we have two more weeks until it begins with the Sun entering Gate 41, the Gate of Contraction and Decrease, the limitation of resources which maximizes potential.  This gate is about the point where our dreams and fantasies make contact with the material world and we see what can be birthed into experience, not knowing what we might discover in the end.

In preparation, I invite us all to give ourselves a couple more weeks to let the last year complete, to reflect, to see what cycles and patterns may be ending, to remember what matters most to us, and to see the truth of ourselves and the circumstances we find ourselves in as clearly as possible, as we approach the beginning of a new Sun cycle.

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