Generators, Projectors and Type Relationships

Sometimes the most profound things are right in front of you in Human Design. Where something that would be easy to take for granted reveals itself as fundamental and obvious.

The Human Design System has its own language, and like any other system, the entry point is often conceptual as we start by naming and typing things. However, the magic happens when we are able to relate what seem like intellectual and abstract concepts to our direct experience of what is actually happening. Then we might see that all of these words are describing something more fundamental in the underlying mechanics of the way things work.

Amy and I recently had a conversation looking at and discussing the protocols of interaction across different Types and within the same Type. It was for us, a deeper realization of the importance of surface concepts, so we’ve transcribed and edited the conversation here.


You mentioned that you’ve been noticing that those protocols of interaction may not apply the same way when you’re dealing with Type to Type relationships or interactions. What are you seeing?


Yes, some Human Design teachers say that the protocols for Strategy for each of the Types are most necessary when you’re dealing with someone who is not of your same Type. And, there does seem to be something interesting that happens when you’re interacting with someone of your same Type, where the standard strategy protocols don’t apply in the same way.

This is also interesting to consider as we’re approaching 2027. Ra Uru Hu was highlighting the fact that we would be moving into an era when we would be more drawn to resonance, likeness, and similarity. And in that, there seems to be a different set of mechanics going on.

So like you said, all of the Human Design information can be held as a bunch of intellectual concepts, but it’s really fascinating when it dawns on you in the midst of an experience that you’re having, especially in relationship or the material reality, where you realize this system is actually describing the underlying invisible forces that are at play in everything we’re experiencing in the material world, they are the mechanics of the Maya. And those are not just words. It’s a mechanical, energetic reality describing what’s actually happening.

So you might say if you’re looking at a Projector and a Generator, for example, that it is a very specific mechanical dynamic that serves a very interesting function based on what Ra said. That the Projector/Generator partnership interaction is the core of a successful Penta. The core of a successful small group or successful family is this interaction between the life force energy of the Generator and the awareness and guidance of the Projector. It doesn’t mean a Projector doesn’t have any energy nor that a Generator doesn’t have any awareness. But there is a protocol and a mechanical nature to the roles that those two types play together.

The dilemma for the Projector is because they are so disturbed by being a non-energy Type, one of the difficult things for them to do is ask for energy instead of taking it. So there is a basic struggle between the Projector and the Generator. It’s interesting to note— the discussions I have with professionals over the years—there is almost a level of distaste that is expressed by Generators for Projectors and Projectors in return for Generators. There is a dilemma in their relationship.

– Ra Uru Hu

In addition, there can be an underlying discomfort or limit to what the interaction can be based on the differences of what is natural to each type. If you consider the simple aura description for each of these most common types, the Generator aura is full, open and enveloping. The Projector aura is deeply absorbing and penetrating. While there can be a lock and key dynamic, the difference in energetic nature can feel unsettling. Most importantly, it is no one’s fault.


What kind of things have you seen and experienced in the Generator to Projector interactions in your life? Like what works best and what doesn’t seem to work as well?


It feels to me like the Projector/Generator dynamic serves a very particular purpose and a function, especially when you’re looking at it in the context of a small group, family dynamic, or small business for a particular goal or project. But when you’re looking at the value and the experience of the relationship in and of itself, it’s an interesting thing. We’re in a time right now, where I’m seeing more and more people are being drawn toward their own Type in terms of relationship for the sake of connection.


It seems like there’s a sort of ease or comfort within the Type to Type relationships, while there’s an inherent disconnect across Type that is pointing to a fundamental energetic difference in one’s orientation to life. For example, the Generator is here to use their energy by being busy, creating, producing, or maintaining – or in other words, relating through activity. A Projector is not really built for that in such a consistent way, rather they are oriented towards developing their awareness and seeing the other. Projectors are by design, aurically very focused on the other, and seem to go into relationship looking to be still and go deep.

You have to see that there are fundamental, deep differences between the physical Types. Now, there are some potentials. For example, the vast majority of humanity is either Generators or Projectors. That’s just the story. Somewhere around 90%, nine out of every ten people you’re either going to be a Generator or you’re going to be a Projector. I know that mystically there is a very profound relationship between the Generator and the Projector. That it is the very basis of the underlying potential of humanity to be transformed. They have a very special connection to each other.

– Ra Uru Hu

At the same time, we’re a social species and everyone needs some level of connection, however, a Generator might go into a relationship to do things with the other, having a companion as they go through life using their energy. This may seem like kind of a subtle distinction to make, but I think in practice, this can be actually a very big thing in any Generator/Projector relationship. The bottom line is that each Type is just wired differently and what works for one may not work as well for the other.


There’s definitely a mechanical dynamic reality in our interactions. Ra said that Generators are inherently uncomfortable with the Projector aura. This is probably happening on an unconscious and purely energetic level. That is unless it’s serving that particular purpose in a moment where a Generator is feeling that they’re having a natural response to the Projector aura.

The Generator has this open enveloping aura, and it’s most comfortable with something that functions in a similar way. There’s a warm quality to it. You put an open enveloping or responsive aura in the presence of a more compact absorbing and penetrating Projector aura and you don’t feel the same level of comfort.


You’re saying that the Generator might feel penetrated by the Projector or be uncomfortable with the intensity of their focus?


Yes, they could feel intruded upon if it’s not invited. The Generator could feel pulled down into a depth that actually takes them out of activity, which interferes with their natural state. Of course, both types will have connection and activity in their lives. It’s more about which experience is more of the natural, consistent state for each type.


It could distract them in some way from whatever they’re doing and how they are using their energy. The Projector might come in looking for a certain depth of connection, recognition, and focus. They want to be seen. They want to really look at something together. And the Generator could be too busy or is just not interested in going there.


Right, and it’s not that they can’t meet. But if you look at generally, where does a generator want to spend most of their time? A Generator naturally wants to spend most of its time expanding its energy and being engaged in satisfying activity. That’s their general natural state. There may be moments to pause to reflect and to just be still or whatever, but if you look at a Projector it’s going to be different.

The majority of the time, Projectors are more likely to enjoy being still, going deep into their awareness or deep into the relationship with the other. I often hear Projectors in relationship expressing that they just want their Generator partner to stop and be with them, sit still, and just be with them and see them. The important thing is that there is a depth of recognition and the other is with them in it.

On the other hand, most of the time I see Generators wanting to do things together. They don’t want to just sit and be still. There’s a certain balance of stillness and activity that’s normal for everyone. But there’s a difference in what’s home base to each Type.


Yes, the general or overall orientation of the auric Type.

Going back to connections of the same Type. Let’s say we have two Generators together. How do you see the Generators interacting differently amongst themselves in contrast to their interactions with Projectors? And what does that look like, the Generator to Generator relationship?


Well, I think that’s where you can really feel the difference in the mechanics. I see it in the Generators that are close to me, where it seems that they’re able to have a certain ease of interaction around their own activity. It’s almost like they understand each other unconsciously or mechanically.

So if they’re interacting in the activity that they’re wanting to do, and it happens to coincide in a way that they can do something together, it just kind of flows along. And even if there’s not an opportunity to do it together, there’s still ease like, “Okay, you’re doing your thing over there and I’m doing my thing over here”.

When you bring a Projector into the picture, then you can feel the difference in the dynamic. The Projector is often waiting for recognition or wanting to feel access to the Generator energy. The Generator may be waiting or expecting the Projector to move with them as if they had a Sacral engine of their own. And that’s where the strategy protocol comes in.

Then the dynamic between the Projector and Generator becomes “do you see me?” The Projector may be energetically waiting for recognition and an invitation, wanting access to the Generator’s energy in a way that they can guide the awareness, and in turn, the Generator also feels seen and valued in the relationship and appreciates the opportunity to respond.

Projectors are not here to choose people mentally, and they are not here to spend five minutes with someone, just having a casual meeting that makes no difference for nobody…no! They’re here to have true connection to others, so they’re not here to easily engage with strangers at any serious level.

But everything that is meant to last and make a difference for them has to follow a certain formality, there is a certain protocol that always needs to be there. That’s what waiting for the invitation is all about because that’s how they can know who has a natural role to play in their lives.

– Alokanand Diaz


It seems like part of the issue is the dominant mode of interaction or expression we see out in the world, where roughly 70% of the population have a defined Sacral Center and are here to respond. Where it could feel unusual or unfamiliar for them to relate differently to Projectors. In other words, are the Generators expecting Projectors to respond like Generators?

I’m also concerned that any Generators reading this might feel like this paints a picture of them lacking awareness or intelligence. Or perhaps looking around at the Projectors in their life and not wanting their guidance. Which brings us back to the strategy of waiting to be invited. The Projector really can’t do anything until they’re recognized and invited. Initiating an interaction, seeking attention, and pushing their views on others all seem to be not-self manifestations.

And in my view, there are a lot of not-self Projectors out there who should be more focused on deconditioning and living correctly than being concerned about guiding others. It’s hard to imagine that any Generator used to eating home-cooked organic meals would welcome fast-food and not-self bitterness in the form of guidance. But when the Projector has done their own work and deconditioning, and when their awareness and seeing are actually recognized and invited, then there is a potential for a very complimentary dynamic across the two Types.

Of course, the Generator is here to be asked and the Projector is here to recognize what needs to be asked. Asking someone something is not telling them anything. This is one of the dilemmas for Projector consciousness. That is, how do you use a question to aid somebody? What is the right question for the Generator? What is the right thing that will allow them to respond with a certainty and an authority that is going to be mutually beneficial for the both, because there is a real—how can I put this? A Generator and a Projector have something special to offer each other. And that’s very important.

– Ra Uru Hu

This kind of situation may be rarer than we’d like to think in actuality. Where a Generator does truly see a Projector and opens themselves up to their guidance because they recognize the value of it. People and situations are often complicated and we have to look at each case or relationship on its own terms. But going back to the cross-Type protocols, if a Projector is being consistently put into a situation where they are trying to convince the other person of something, I just don’t see that working out very well.


No, it doesn’t work out well at all. And I think that may have been what Ra was pointing to in terms of the time we’re moving into. We might be seeing people feeling more and more comfortable and drawn into relationships with their own Type, in terms of where they’re going to spend the majority of their relationship time. And then that shifts the cross-Type dynamic to something that is more punctuated or serves a particular purpose, or perhaps it just happens less frequently.


As opposed to being a product of conditioning and homogenization? Like “here’s how it works” without any real awareness of the other, what their gifts are, and how they’re designed to operate. The homogenizing influence of the program seems to shove these scripts and templates in our face saying “this is the way it is” and you should do this or not do this based on what works for others. And I think that has the potential of creating major issues in relationships.


Yes. I think if we can move into a more respectful and differentiated space we may see that these cross-Type interactions and relationships still happen, but in unique and specific ways like for a certain role or function within a certain period. Rather than it just being the way it is all of the time.

I think quite literally that’s what we’re seeing. Ra was saying with 2027 coming, the whole dynamic of the Penta and group dynamics are going to be changing. We’re coming out of an era where the most successful Penta had a Projector and a Generator at its core. And now that that family system dynamic is breaking down, the function of the way we relate in groups and relating across awareness is changing. I think that’s part of what we’re seeing.

If you take away the Projector and Generator as the core of the Penta or the family unit, you don’t have the same necessity of having a Projector and a Generator living together all the time. We might be getting pulled to where it actually feels more natural for Generators to spend most of their time with Generators, and Projectors to spend most of the time with Projectors. So then we come together for specific purposes.

The Sacral being is the only being who knows how to work. They really know how to work. They’re here to work. They’re here to fill the life with productivity. The Projector is looking for a good life. They want the life. They’re not here for the work. The work is not something that is designed for them. They’re non-energy Types, after all. They’re looking for the quality of life. What the Projector can offer the Generator is a life. And what the Generator can teach the Projector is the value of work.

– Ra Uru Hu

I’m not promoting this in any way, nor do I mean to say that we can’t have all kinds of fulfilling, interesting, and worthwhile relationships. But if you inquire into it in your own direct experience, what does it feel like energetically, what does it feel like for you in your body to be with someone of your own Type that you resonate with versus being with someone of a different Type who you also resonate with? Just to energetically and mechanically feel the difference.

I think part of what Ra was pointing to is that there’s a certain kind of mechanical friction in cross-Type relationships. And if we’re spending the majority of our time in these relationships, what effect does that have on our bodies and psyche?

It seems like we’re getting pulled in a different way and it’s really fascinating to look at. If that’s the direction we’re going in, and we start to see more and more relationships happening within the same Type. And if the Strategy protocol doesn’t apply the same way, then what are those interactions like?

If you have two Projectors who resonate with each other, there is automatic recognition there, right? It feels natural with the openness and the focus on the other and on the relationship.


Right. And within Type, the mutual expectations for the other will probably be more in alignment. For example, with two Projectors it could be that we’re going to study, look at the world together, and just be. But for two Generators it might be based on doing things together (at risk of over-simplification).

So yeah, the Type to Type relationships, Manifestors to Manifestors, Generators to Generators, Projectors to Projectors, and if there were more Reflectors out there, Reflectors to Reflectors. How interesting would it be to see Reflector to Reflector relationships?

But what about these cross-Type relationships? What if we’re already in a cross-Type relationship or want to explore a relationship with a different Type? Is it a question of starting with the understanding that there is an energetic and auric mechanical difference between the two people and what works for one may not work for the other? And that if you’re a Generator wanting to engage with a Projector, then recognition and a more specific invitation can be helpful? Or, if you’re a Projector with a Generator, perhaps realizing that the Generator may be showing their love or care, by asking you to do things with them?

The Projector is here to be invited. And the Generator is here to respond. The relationship between the Generator and the Projector has to be initiated by the Generator. Yet, the Generator never knows if that’s correct. Think about that. So, the Generator invites the Projector out for lunch. The Projector says to the Generator: Are you interested in me? And the Generator goes: Uh-huh. Then you have something that’s working.

– Ra Uru Hu


Yeah. I think some of the things you’re naming are strategies that some people may be able to employ. But I think that a lot of that may just be our mind trying to get what it thinks it wants in life. The best we can do is probably to be as embodied and aware of our own inner authority, our own inner truth, and communicate that to each other as clearly, and honestly as possible. I think the core of it is communication.

You’re not going to be able to negotiate around the truth of a Generator’s response, no matter how much a Generator loves you. If you’re a Projector and the Generator’s response to doing something with you or for you is “no” – then it’s just, no. Even if it may seem very personal, it may not be a reflection of whether or not they love or care about you, but rather their body’s correct response to whatever is put in front of them.

If you are going to support a Generator in being what they are, you’ve got to support their response and the truth of it. So I don’t know that there’s any strategy for how to hold these things together. I’m not advocating for breaking relationships up, but I think the best we have is to be as honest, real, and communicative as we can. And then we can be creative about how we interact. And it might not look like what we think is normal and it might not look the way we thought things were supposed to be.


Right. So back to moving outside of the narratives and templates. That’s where creativity resides. And like you said, a lot of this is happening, from the point of view of Human Design, through the mutation in the global cycle changes. It seems like we’re all being carried into new ways of relating, regardless of whether we’re aware of it or not or whether we like it or not.


Yes, but I think there’s a lot more freedom in this space. Being able to love and care about each other for what we are, rather than trying to hold ourselves to some kind of template. It takes courage and honesty to live this way. And it can be really hard to see the truth. None of this is meant to be used as an intellectual stance from which to make judgments about the relationships in our lives. Rather the Human Design Type awareness is meant to inform our experience of how to live together in the most functional and fulfilling way for everyone involved. We can only discover than in ourselves, interaction by interaction, relationship by relationship. It is the opportunity to explore how to live from a sense of truth in ourselves and honesty with each other.

But it’s one of the things to understand that there is a protocol in the way in which these relationships work. And just as there has to be conformation between Generator and Generator, there has to be a very complex protocol between the Generator and the Projector. I think the term that’s used is genuflection. The ancient shah in Persia — if you were going to be an emissary from another place, another tribe, and you were wanting to have an audience with shah, you would have to train for three months to learn all the different things you would have to do as you approached him, the bending down, the curtsy, and the words you had to say, this and that, and this gesture and that gesture and the other thing. It’s like watching these nature television shows and you get to see a couple of creatures doing their mating dance.

What I want to really make clear—I’m using the technical language of protocol, but there is this bonding protocol that is necessary between Types. What it leads to is the ability through their Authority to confirm that they’re in the right kind of relationship. Again, I’m not just referring to whether this is going to be a lover or a friend or a business associate. As a matter of fact, the Generator/Projector business relationship is one that can be enormously beneficial. But again, it goes back to the protocol.

– Ra Uru Hu

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