Amy Lee

5/1 Mental Projector

I have been studying consciousness and holistic health for over 20 years, fueled by a love of the many systems that have been created to understand, organize, and explore the human experience.  My curiosity and course of study are continuous, inclusive, and experiential.

Introduced to Human Design in 2009, I have been deeply immersed in living according to my design and studying the system through many teachers, friends, family, clients, and my own contemplation.  I have seen aspects of the truth within it reflected in many other systems, but have found Human Design to be the most thorough, practical, and profound synthesis of understanding about how we live, function, and fulfill our purpose.  It can be applied to the most basic and mundane decisions in life and the most mystical and existential.

I am a Professional Analyst and Living Design Guide, Rave ABCs Teacher, and Rave Cartography Teacher who has completed training with Human Design America and the International Human Design School certified to provide Foundation Readings, the Living Your Design Program and analysis of the Incarnation Cross, Cycles (Solar Return, Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition & Chiron Return), Partnership and Family Systems (Penta).  In sitting with clients, I balance transmitting the Human Design information with presence and attunement, to guide others in becoming aware of how both natural characteristics and conditioned motivations are expressed through the body, voice, and emotions.  There is nothing I love more than experiencing the magic of Human Design coming to life in myself and others.

As a Mental Projector, I am very receptive to others and deeply affected by the dynamics of relationship. I experience interpersonal mechanics viscerally and have found that learning about design has transformed this challenge into a gift and constant source of awareness.  It has brought me more compassion, love, and respect for myself and others than I ever expected.

I have also completed training in Hakomi Body-Centered Therapy, The Re-Creation of the Self Model, Clairvoyant Meditation & Spiritual Leadership, Conscious Language Mastery, and the 13 Moon Mystery School.  I was ordained as a non-denominational minister in 2003 after studying and teaching with Hale Ola Pono on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Truly inspired by the possibility of supporting each person’s unique empowerment, I draw from many teachings in my personal life as well as in sessions and classes. I am guided by my knowing, awareness, and commitment to the essence of each person as whole, resourced, and capable.  There is beauty, paradox, and perfection in every design.