John Cole

2/4 Ego Projector

I have been interested in the mysteries of life and our place in the cosmos for most of my adult life.

My studies in this area began in earnest in my early 20s when I was introduced to astrology by my mother. After an initial period of skepticism, I began taking classes and exploring various systems of astrology, including modern psychological astrology, traditional Greek astrology, Uranian/Symmetrical astrology, and Indian/Vedic astrology. Through the years, my focus has always been on what works best and delivers the most reliable perspectives and results in my life and those of my clients.

This exploration was supported by and expanded with a long-time interest in Eastern philosophies such as Taoism, Buddhism, and the Gurdjieff Work. I began a deep and long term study of the traditional Japanese martial arts and eventually earned the rank of Shihan (licensed instructor) in Hakkoryu Jujutsu in 2005. I established and ran a small martial arts school for over 15 years, and currently train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I have found that these physical disciplines provide a much-needed balance and embodied practice alongside the study of philosophy and metaphysics.

John’s BodyGraph

In early 2015, I was introduced to the Human Design System by a friend and fellow astrologer. My first reaction to the system was something along the lines of “Oh, no – what is this? Another system to learn?”. Yet, I soon discovered that my auric type in Human Design is a “Projector”, which specifically described how my energy was designed to work along with many patterns and characteristics of my experience that no other system had identified or had an explanation.

I began experimenting with this knowledge and soon booked a reading with a professional Human Design Analyst which had quite an impact, driving the knowledge deeper. I was inspired to enter into formal Human Design training and eventually enrolled in the three and half year program with the International Human Design School and Human Design America to become a Professional Analyst and completed this training in December of 2018.

Since then, I’ve continued my formal training becoming a Living Your Design Guide, Rave ABCs Teacher, Rave Cartography Teacher, a Family Analyst, and I am currently finishing the Human Design Differentiation Degree Program, a two-year program combining the Primary Health System (PHS) and Rave Psychology curriculums so I can better serve my clients with a deeper understanding of this knowledge.

As a Projector energy type with over two decades of astrological study and full immersion in the Human Design System, I feel prepared to meet the needs of those wishing to experiment with this knowledge. I meet each person as the unique individual that they are, knowing that they are the expert on their own life. My aim is to share this system in a practical and straightforward way, initiating the client into a deeper relationship with their true-self and inner authority.