Melancholy and Mutation

The neutrino ocean refers to the way frequencies are streaming through the cosmos, through planets and stars into our world.  Neutrinos are sub-atomic particles that pass through cosmic bodies and flow through our own bodies by the trillions, bringing information that influences us.  At birth, it is the nature of this stream flowing through our sun and the planets that imprints us with the frequencies that become our own nature.  This is what enables us to see and interpret the qualities of that nature through the birth chart in Human Design.

As we encounter the conditioning forces on the planet and the influence of group mind, culture, family programming and relationships, Strategy and Authority are a way of staying aligned to the frequency of our own unique nature from that moment of imprinting at birth.  It aligns us with the path our bodies are designed to move through so that our awareness or consciousness can see what we are here to see and express our unique purpose.

It can be mind boggling to fully grasp all of the influences, energies and frequencies our bodies are constantly filtering.  From cosmic levels to the most mundane personal interactions, we are infiltrated with information and energy all the time.  Our small minds can think that we are in control of this and attempt to create stability by denying or overcoming our own nature and the world we live in.  Another possibility is to experiment with Strategy and Authority and become the witness, aware of both the conditioning forces and the nature within us, naturally expressing itself.

The greatest source of influence on our planet is the sun as it filters the neutrino stream and affects the larger program streaming through our world.  If we are aware of its influence and the larger global cycles our planet is moving through, we can become aware of what Ra called the “background frequency”, which characterizes broad cultural patterns and themes.  What we experience as personal issues and trials may actually be part of these larger influences affecting our experience.  Human Design suggests that continuing to align with our own navigation through Strategy and Authority, allows us to experience something other than just being at the effect of outer influences.  It allows us to see and learn from the outer influences without identifying with them.

In early November, the Sun has entered the Quarter of Mutation and the Individual Gates which bring themes of death, transformation and individuality.  This is a departure from themes of relationship, partnership, bonding and family.  It is natural for the not-self to resist this, as it would tend to experience death and deep change as threatening. This is a time when we may be more sensitized to what is dying around us, literally and thematically, and confronted with the relationship we have with ourselves.  The Quarter of Mutation begins with the sun moving through several Individual gates.

The Individual circuitry of the bodygraph carries the frequency of melancholy and the pulse of either knowing or not knowing.  I have often found the month of November to be very melancholic, bringing my aloneness and my uniqueness, the difference in what I am, to the foreground.  This can be relieving, in being brought inward toward my own being, to the quiet and stillness of nothingness, the void, emptiness, and a retreat from interpersonal interactions.  And at the same time it is confronting, in terms of whatever I may be involved in or whatever may be asked of me that pulls me out of my aloneness. 

Individual Circuitry

Melancholy is a chemistry that is always moving through the individual circuitry much in the way that the emotional process functions through the chemistry of the emotional wave.  In both cases, we, our minds, are not in control of the ups and downs of these movements.  The “up” of the individual process is creativity and mutation, change happening, bringing forth something original and new, the sense of “I know”.  In the “down”, there is melancholy and emptiness, the not knowing, the fallow time, the dying away of whatever has been and the space before something new is emerging.  

Whether we welcome the emptiness or not, it comes in its own time and we can resist or surrender to it.  The individual process has to do with truth and we know it in the now or not.  Sometimes the truth as it is, is not what we want to see or it shows us what we fear and yet, there it is.  Sometimes we are desperate to know and nothing comes.  The time has not yet arrived.  There can be a demand to see what is true for ourselves and what is true (or not) in the relationships and the world we see around us.

In this time, the mind may look at the past and wonder: How did I get here?  What is going on?  What should I have done better?  What can be improved?  When will the new and better future arrive?  What is going to happen?  When will something new actually happen? Only you know if these questions actually matter to you or if it is simply time to let go of what has passed and see what is true now.  Perhaps it is not a time to expect to be able to have the answers or to be able to change anything. 

It has been several weeks now that we have been experiencing the Channel of Mutation (3/60) through the transits, with its pressure and limitation, its potential for mutation or not.  For me this time has been especially confronting in facing myself and whether or not I am willing to accept my own limitations and the limitations of the world in which I live.  Acceptance of these limitations can be a source of deep helplessness and apathy as we face our own futility in being able to make things happen or make ourselves, others or the world the way we wish it would be.  This channel can be a source of deep depression.  But being confronted with limitations can also be a moment of truth, when we give up the attempt to control or deny and accept what IS, as it is.  And from this moment, we can find out what is actually possible. 

The melancholy of the individual process is the birthing ground for inspiration, for creativity and for the uniqueness of our engagement with the moment to arise.  When the time is right and this creativity in us can express itself, we become empowered in our individuality, which then naturally empowers those around us to live beyond what is normal, expected, controllable, logical, historical. Mutation happens in our own internal chemistry and through us as we empower each other.  Funny enough, definition in the individual circuitry in the body graph occurs more frequently in designs than anything else.  As humans, we are wired for mutation more often than not.  

Are there logical, historical ways out of the problems we face in this world?  Are there patterns in place that can resolve the conflicts and challenges we see around us and experience in ourselves?   Can we rely on the communal structures of the past?  How do we live this life as aware, creative beings?  Do we have the courage to enter the unique experiment we find ourselves in, with its light and darkness?  Can we trust that knowing, empowerment, and inspiration always return if we allow it?  

Depending on your design, these themes may be more or less prominent, but they are the themes of the time we live in and the themes of the greater global cycle change we are approaching.  Whether this is a welcome or difficult time, I invite you to remember that it is part of the frequency within us and certainly what currently penetrates us.  Please feel free to share your reflections in the comments below.

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