Alokanand Diaz Continues Sharing on His Relationship With Ra, The Program is Not Your Life, Science/Truth, and The Human Design System


Published 05/31/2020

Amy: This episode is the second part of our talk with Alokanand Diaz, where we go deeper into his experience with Ra Uru Hu, as well as the meaning of frequency in an individual and in relationships. We also discuss Alok’s monthly class called The Program is Not Your Life, which is his way of looking at global trends and analysis month by month. It reveals the themes that affect us all, especially during the current COVID-19 crisis. Lastly, we look at the interface of science and truth, and how Human Design is a deeply logical system that can explain a life beyond reason. Do you have time for a couple more questions?

Alokanand: Sure, I don’t look much into the past. It’s nice to review those places, but it depends on who’s asking. How my breath waits for the memories to come that I share. It’s very different, I’m enjoying it.

Amy: I’m especially curious about what you mentioned about relationships. In the beginning, I sense the way you talk about Ra that obviously, this was a very, very unique relationship.

Alokanand: Oh, yeah. Fuck yes.

Amy: With your experience with Ra and the uniqueness of that connection and experience that you had with him over many years, what did that show you about relationships?

Alokanand: I can give you a simple answer to this. I never spoke about Ra like he was my friend. I often heard him say, “My friend Alok,” when he was speaking to someone else. I would come up in his mind as an example for whatever. It was nice, I liked that he called me his friend. However, to me, he was so much more than a friend. A friend is the one thing I never allowed him to be. If I say it like this, it can sound like he wanted to be my guru, which I don’t think he wanted to be anybody’s guru. He was just an Ego Manifestor. Most of the time, if you wanted to communicate with him, you were on the listening end. He was the one who knew, he was not interested in your story, or your stuff, or your this, or your that. He had a job to do; he was the messenger. The quicker you knew that, the easier things were going to go.

I had a guru, but this guy was just a mortal human being, which by the way was what I adored about him, how human he was. Maybe this was because I’m a First Line Personality, and he had all of this First Line Unconscious that I saw. I connected with him in this coffee shop. I had already had this negative projection of him when I saw the Blackbird production. The Fifth Line Personality in him, it’s not that I didn’t like it, I liked everything about him, but I was aware of the seductive influence that it had on me. He had the same power to seduce me psychologically that any seductive hot girl would have if she found me and I wasn’t engaged with anyone. It’s just like the Sacral Smile. How could I ever resist that? It’s like you’re under some kind of spell. Being skeptical, as I am, it was like, “Let’s make sure I keep the ground.”

No, I never saw him as a friend. He was clearly the teacher, not just my teacher because there was no other Teacher. He lived what he said. I watched him and I don’t remember one time seeing him not be his Design. When I told you of these times that the doubts came in- I knew with my Design, Triple Split with this Open G, that I could make up anything. I would look at him, I would look at his Design, and I would just exhale because he was obviously that. Any time of day, not just with me, with everybody, with his wife, with his children, there were no exceptions. You could not get this guy to bend. You could not go against him and win. He was not interested in running anybody over either. He was fucking cool. He really did not care if you believed or not. He was standing on his own. His voice is Isis. there was this guy who was not a normal human being and he was not someone on an altar. Then there was this man- the poet in me, I love this man. If I was gay, hey, Mamma Mia. I wasn’t gay, and he wasn’t either, but I remember sitting in his room and listening to him play like he was alone. Like you would do when your lover is sitting there, and you don’t mind. I guess that was part of our connection, the awkward silence.

In the lyrics of his songs, and the poetry of this, I saw the man and the mistake. I didn’t give a damn about this voice, I cared about this man and this Body Graph of his. That was enough for me. Where the hell did he get that from? I didn’t care. For me it was, “Is this this body graph objective? Is this made up?” The perfection of it, and the very first five-day training that I did. Today, after 27 years of taking this thing apart, what feats of engineering, you cannot figure that out. You don’t without misplacing any pieces. If you misplace one piece, the whole thing falls apart. That’s what kept me in the play.

It was clear from the beginning. “Don’t believe me? Don’t trust me?”- I love that. That’s the 1/3, I love that. Of course, I didn’t believe him. I didn’t trust him. I couldn’t believe it if I didn’t trust him. I trusted myself trusting the process. When I didn’t trust the process, well it looked like I didn’t trust him. I had my projections about him because we’re humans. That’s what we are, projection machines. I had these incredibly poetic projections of him, I also had these diabolic projections, because I had my own demon and my own divinity to deal with. I did not know about Godheads at the time. There were many, many, many, many, many layers of density to my psychic body that I had to pierce through until they could thoroughly let go to become defined. That is my Design, that openness at the core. Openness, blankness, and the G Center. It’s like having a direction that has a 360-degree scope, figure out who you are in that scope mentally.

The first seven years were very, very intense because I was so excited about the knowledge, and every time we would meet to do some training together in Spain, which we did in different places, we would spend anything between eight to ten days together. For two months, I could feel that buzzing, that it was intense, putting all of this through my system. It’s repetition, but it also made me skilled in the language. The process was slow, the process of Types, Profiles, and different kinds of Authority. The deeper elaboration of the psychology of the different kinds of definitions, Single Split, Double Split, and Triple Split. All of those things, Profiles, Incarnation Crosses- I was 12 years into this foundation when he started the infrastructure. It was like going back to zero for me. It suddenly pulled the carpet out from under my feet. It was like, “Oh, I know the Body Graph. I know the Mandala.” The deeper veils of illusion, the scene, and the thinking. When you’re no longer distracted by whatever Gates or Centers you quote, unquote, don’t have, which is how people speak, something we don’t have. Of course, it’s not true. To say that you don’t have a G center is like saying you don’t have a liver. So, that was an amazing process.

Ra began to tour less than less because he used to get tired, especially after he toured the United States, he used to come back very tired because they were very long tours. He didn’t enjoy America very much at the time, so he concentrated the work more and more on the international events in Design and people coming to Ibiza. That lasted for a while and we did the first one in 1996. In 2011, he was going to do the 25th anniversary when he passed. So, for 17 years, we collaborated deeply through the radio and early newsletters every step of the way. We only interrupted the flow of communication- I’m saying zero, not even any emails for three years when he suddenly disappeared from Ibiza and popped up in America. He did not say a word to anyone. He just went. Supposedly, I was a friend, and the informing thing was like, “What?” I was translating the newsletters, but there was no person. I felt hurt. It was clear, it was something that had already come up a few times. I built expectations, and he was Mr. Cool.

In the year 2000, he came back, he called us all together, and we were going to do the first Living Your Design teacher training. It was called the basic course in San Juan. I remember coming into the same bar where I had met him. As I came in the door, he stood up, walked towards me, and hugged me. All my grudges were gone. It was like, “Good, he’s back. You’re back. You’re good.” It was like nothing ever happened. There was nothing that needed to be talked about. Besides being two Ego Manifestors, we had the 14/2 electromagnetic. I had the channel of struggle, to his integration, he loved strugglers, he really did. The 26/44 electromagnetic, being two Defined Egos. That was the nice part of it. There was a lot of frequency.

As I’ve said, I’ve been in Puna, I’m sensitive. I can take it now to the very beginning of my answer, he was Mr. Frequency. He was not just my friend, he was my first night-centered friend. He was the cleanest emotional mirror that I could ever find. He was not holding back his love and grace with me when that is what he was receiving from me. When he was receiving something else, the fact that I was unaware of what it meant to come with that stuff to someone else. He was very cool. He would not take it, but he would not reject me or punish me. He was very graceful. He did not need to say I was sensitive to it. It was very funny because being both very male guys, we were very feminine with each other. Our relationship was not mentally driven, even though we were both passionate about something that was deeply mental. I was just lucky. He worked on me, he worked with me.

I have only had one reading in my life and that was the reading that I shared with you earlier. Every time we met, he would give me something, and he would tell me something. When he introduced things, I was intelligent enough to understand what it meant, considering I have the Design that I have. If I had any questions, I could come and ask him, “Listen, I heard you say this, and I’m jumping to this conclusion. How far away am I from ‘You’re right?’ to ‘No, it’s not like this’. I was very fortunate. Maybe I also was one of his first guinea pigs. I actually think he said once in the lecture that if Human Design can wake up Alok, it can wake up anyone. That’s like saying, “If Alok understands it, and has no doubts and no questions to ask, then anyone should be able to understand.” I had not been to university and I asked the questions that the average human being would ask at some point if they have a little bit of intelligence, and they really care to know for themselves. Well, this is the Human Design System. This is what I loved about him.

I’ll give you an example. I translated the Black Book. Human Design is in your language, so when I looked in dictionaries, I didn’t always find words that could satisfy me. So, I had to make up my own. Of course, I did make a few mistakes, bad mistakes. Anyway, before bringing this to the printer. I thought I’d better filter this through a professional translator. I engaged the guy, and I told him, “Can you look at this? I’ll pay you and you’ll give me some feedback.” The guy told me to throw it away. I was devastated. My money had gone in there. I went to Ra, and I told him the truth. “He told me it’s a throwaway.” I knew that professional translators hated it when non-professional translators translated something. So, he was not going to give me nice feedback. I remember Ra looking at me, and he asked me, “Is it good enough for you?” I said, “Yes. It’s good enough for me.” It went to the print. I guess he knew that normal standards were not applicable to whatever he and I were trying to do.

This is how I learned. Normally, someone would not do that, but he did. I still have boxes of the book, which got printed. Now, it’s not even on sale anymore. I’ve got boxes here. That wasn’t the point. The point was to start the experiment that he was already seven years into. When I met him, he was very honest. He was the first student of Human Design. He was the first one testing the logic and the potential truth of what he had been given. Because of that, he is a crazy man. I think he knew that. I think everybody who knew him before that knew how crazy he could be. To be the man he became after that experience, I think no one expected that. I don’t think even he expected that. I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect to feel so comfortable in life despite the turmoil of the current times.

Amy: Maybe we can ask about that since you mentioned it. You’ve been doing this program called The Program is Not Your Life. Can you tell us a little bit about what that is and what you’re seeing through that, especially in current times?

Alokanand: Human Design is deeply mystical, but it is mystical in the way in which I am mystical. I did not know this, I didn’t consider myself to be mystical at all. The mystical for me was more imagination. As I said, you know, the point was, can you pay your bills at the end of the month? How mystical is that? I had no time for pondering the mystical. I was not into that. I wasn’t looking for a guru when I met Osho. Really, I wasn’t. I was not spiritually inclined. I did not know objectively much about myself, other than what I heard people say about me. I didn’t think of myself as mystical at all. When I met him and Design, there were moments where I would speak about the program or about everything, the Not-Self, or I could not avoid feeling that “How can you be so sure?” Why is there not an exception to this? Not that I could think of one, but maybe we don’t know. Maybe there’s something where you know everything.

The normal questions that anyone asks are not used to operate on absolutes. If I had anything, any relationship with absolutes, it was one of mistrust. Since I was coming from Astrology to Human Design, the way Transits are used in Astrology- I told you, I was more oriented towards the body and not the concepts. In Human Design, I like to look at somebody through their Design, to make their Design deeply tangible to me. I saw Ra seeing me from the inside. I could have such an insight into the nature of the others, seeing them through their Design, both their openness and their Definition. It changed the quality of my communication with everybody immediately as a Manifestor.

The first thing I noticed was that my communication with the world was a lot better. People were a lot more interested in what I had to say, that was very clear. There were composites and there were the mechanics of sexuality. It is so deeply tangible to think about the transits. I would listen to his daily view- today’s first line day and the second line day. These are nuances in the frequency. At that time, I wasn’t yet tuned into the frequency, I needed something much more solid. I was following and paying attention and listening to some of his comments, seeing the logic behind them. I actually translated many of his Brave New Year talks into Spanish many, many times.

When he died, Spanish people were not going to have their rave new year anymore. I thought, “Hey, you know how to do this. You saw how he did it, you know what he used. You know the tools. Just go there and do it.” So I started doing it like, “Okay, what do I do when I’m going to read someone’s design and I don’t know the person? What do I do?” I tell them what the Design says. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but that’s what the Design says. I tell them the good and the bad of this. I tell them about the Not-Self management that they know and have been doing. I tell them the alternative, that they have Strategy and Authority. That’s it. I tried to do the same, and that’s what I did.

Then, I started getting this feedback. Once you give attention to things, and you know how to look at things, you start seeing things. This is what happened, I started doing it and I started seeing, “Hey, this is not difficult. It’s logical.” I did not focus on just the obvious. With just the obvious, you can point at very specific themes. Then, I would watch what followed and what happened. I got the idea of doing ‘The Program is Not Your Life’ as a yearly program so that instead of looking at the program once a year, rave new year, I get a chance to do it once a month. It was basically a way to engage myself. I developed the discipline to use my analytical skills for a purpose that I had never dedicated much attention to because Ra was doing it. It was like in the field where I could get too confused with Astrology, I would just stay away from it.

When I did the first ‘The Program is Not Your Life’, I focused on the solar program and Godheads. It’s very solid, it’s very near the surface because it’s just there. It’s like commenting on the nuances of spring, summer art, the natural life cycle, and a little bit of the outer planets because they stay in the same Gate for a very long time. I would focus my attention on those things. Slowly, I started to have a certain level of skill. I started developing a certain depth in my connection to each singular planet. In each version that I do, I introduce new elements to make it more tangible.

This year, for instance, I’m working with the chart of participants, but on a weekly basis. I show four charts, one per week, and then the composite with one particular participant so that the other participants get a much more concrete idea and sense of how the program impacts us when we are operating as the Not-Self. I started to see the program as something more substantial, and not as intangible as as I used to. What has happened in the last two months keeps me in awe. I cannot believe that I would ever get such an obvious definition of the global circumstances because of the program pointing at it.

There is a theory right now going around about how much this has to do with the beginning of electricity, which actually got me to buy some books to investigate. How did that happen? It’s interesting. The mutation bit from seven to nine centered, humanity cannot be explained without electricity. Funny thing, the North Node is in the Gate of inaction. When you read the subtitle of this Gate, it says self-imposed inaction for the benefit of assessment. Self-imposed, but the third line very specifically speaks about inaction that is imposed by outside forces. Wow. You know what the 52 is, this is the Gate of Parvati. It’s one thing to have a Parvati mother which can be damaging, but to have Parvati institutions. How about that? When the state wants to be more responsible for your health than you can be. This is what’s being discussed now, the North Node, how is mama-state going to make sure that we don’t die? We still believe to be eternal. You see, it used to be easy to sell the same regurgitated shit to the public. It’s no longer possible. Now, this does not mean there is no fear. The whole thing that’s going on now, this is what I see in the program, this fear reaction.

I don’t care if there is a virus or not, there’s always a virus. The fear, that’s what’s different, not the Virus. Viruses have always been there, but the fear reaction occurs because we could all die. People don’t react like this because you could die, we’re selfish creatures, come on. Politicians, hierarchically, just take advantage of this because we operate in groups. It’s always that the group’s politics is for the groups, not for the individuals. The group of people that think this, the groups of people that think that, statistics. There’s no truth in any of that. What I’ve noticed also, what’s kept me coming back was seeing that in the last couple of years, the solve mode is in Mutation. It’s about dogmas, and it’s moving backward. All of the dogmas of humankind are going to be reviewed before 2027. Now, isn’t that amazing?

I got really interested like, “Okay, I want to follow this.” It is an interest that has increased itself this year 2020, because I realized this is seven years. I figured if I don’t die, I’m going to do this program uninterrupted at least until then because I was not someone who thought, “Yeah, when 2027 comes, we’re going to see something.” I really kept my expectations very low that in 2028, probably, I would see nothing that would make me feel like, “Oh, there is the rave there,” or, “The system is collapsing.” If you told me that what we are witnessing today would happen in 2027, I would fall on my knees and pray to Ra. Now, we’re seeing this in 2020, seven years before then.

I’m afraid of what I may still get to see before 2027 because the next Gate that Neptune is going to go into after 22 and social distancing is 36. Now, 36 is about spreading deceit. That’s what it is really. It can spread anything. It can spread anger, desire, and nationalist feelings. Guess what? The North Node after the Providing Gates are going to go into Lakshmi gates, of which the 35 is one. So, the 36, 35, the crisis. In the 12, in the 22, this is what it does. What will it do when it goes to the 36? I’m not going to hold my breath until that, but it got me curious, in the sense that the movie is undoubtedly interesting.

It’s getting interesting at a level where I at least seem to be able to see behind the veils of what’s being discussed in the media. It’s clear to me that no one knows. Life is a mystery. We can no longer keep up the appearance that someone knows what’s best for everyone because not everybody will allow this. We have moved beyond a place where old-fashioned seven centers of control mechanisms are no longer efficient. We have the disadvantage of certain truths having become evident in the sense that some can suddenly fall into deep uncertainty because whatever they thought was real suddenly isn’t. It is this that allowed me to gain deeper insight into the nature of being human existentially, but also into our species and the role of our species in evolution. After all, it seems that a lot of things were going on before we came into this stage. So, if we weren’t the first ones to come, why should we be lost?

Amy: The other thing that makes me wonder is given what we’re seeing globally, and everything that you’re talking about- thinking about the BodyGraph, and the recent courses we’ve done with you, I’m curious how you might talk about the relationship between science and truth.

Alokanand: It’s a polarity, it’s the 61 and the 62. In the right angle, they’re both Gates of Maya. So, truth, and science are illusions. It’s a made-up order. It’s how we learn to redefine humans. What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be human in the world of today? Now, of which world off today: Africa, the United States, or China? In other words, it’s a mechanism. You can’t separate science from truth. The thing in this polarity is that we have one pole that’s truth, and it’s individual. We have another other pole and it’s science and collective. In other words, if other people agree with what you claim to be true, then maybe it is because what if one does not agree? Is it true if one of us does not agree? What percentage do we need? 51%, 50%?

We know, we are not hypocritical enough to mix it up with politics. We know that politicians don’t represent truth, they represent power. They can impose certain facts. You have to distinguish the public concept or idea of truth. This is what science discusses. Whether you call that philosophy, or you call that psychology, it’s always about discussing the truth, discussable truths. See, this is collective. It looks for a strategic use of truth. Human truth is, “We’re here to take advantage of the environment. We’re here to survive, to be the last man standing in evolution, even if we have to kill everything around us to be able to do that.” That’s us, real predators. This is how homosapiens came about. This is how we managed to go to the moon, we call it science. Of course, there is no illusion there. There is no relativity there because the formulas have to be understood. This is how we have been raised. It’s how the world works.

Human Design came up at a time when the fundamental myths of humanity were already falling. It wasn’t Human Design that killed God. It was Nietzsche and many of his contemporaries because the contradictions between certain dogmas and the human experience were too obvious. Some voices would not raise against the actual meaning of ‘human’, “We need to redefine human because what I’m feeling doesn’t matter. I can’t change.” This kind of stuff. It’s just updating what is inadequate, perfecting our idea of humans, and perfecting our own imaginary order. “We are here to do God’s work.” Excuse me, whose work? Who’s God? We are here for a purpose, there has to be a purpose, and if there is no purpose, you kill yourself. You’re going to die anyway. If you want to die, don’t look after yourself, and eventually you’ll die. Why do it violently?

With Human Design, I feel like a scientist of awakening. It is not a concept, it’s a mechanic. It’s something that’s organic. I can humor about it. It’s what Human Design gives. Human Design has four types. Each type has a Strategy and a mental dilemma. In other words, it has a way to really educate your thinking because that’s what those mental dilemmas are. It’s an open door to not use your mind through habits, to not use your mind on autopilot, to bring your mind to the zero point of what’s there in front of you. What does it have to do with who you think you are? That’s what they are. I sometimes call them shamanic pills, because they are. If you use that Strategy and mental dilemma, and you take it to the edge, you’re going to meet each and every layer of mental fear that you ever have accumulated. This is what the conditioning is. It’s an inner work that no one can do for you.

Now, not everybody is ready for that. Not everybody thirsts for that kind of liberation. Some people are comfortable in their comfort zone. The comfort zone is deeply connected to the pendant. People who have bent the definition can install themselves for some time in this comfort zone and let just life happen. I couldn’t. I had my share of fun. Hey, I suppose I was in a location for fun. However, I had deep discomfort, half and half. The up was great and the down was horrible. I did not know how to handle the down of anything, the down being me. I couldn’t tell how much of it was me and how much of it was someone else’s fault. So. it’s deeply magical. At the same time, these things were deeply magical for the transformation in my perception of who I am for myself. What made this possible was a logic that is not just sophisticated and beautiful, but it has a structure. Wherever I have looked at humans, through that structure, it has been so much easier to accept what is and wherever I can, make a difference. To know what to say and to who to say it to.

I don’t care about the truths we’ve discussed. I appreciate that people may commence when I post something on Facebook. However, I discuss things with myself before I put them out, and once I’m done with that discussion, I don’t care what anybody says. If you come and tell me there is something wrong with it, and you are right, and I can see it, then I thank you. I thank you because I’m always happy to learn something. I’m not selling my dogma, I’m just using logic. That’s an incredible thing. If you are someone who works for the transformation of the awareness of self, this is a good tool. You don’t tell people what to do, you empower them. It’s not therapy, but it’s deeply therapeutic. All you need to do is be yourself and share the knowledge that you have gracefully with the person who’s there on your fractal.

If I had the freedom to imagine something that would then become true, I do not think I could have imagined something that fits so perfectly. It’s not because it was all ideal. After I met Human Design, life was not ideal. I still had a lot of darkness to integrate, but I needed no therapy. Ra was there and I could ask him. Then again, he would sometimes not answer. It would depend. I learned eventually to not ask and to keep the questions inside. Then, I would check if my answer was correct or not. Rather than having him think for me and explain it to me again.

Amy: Well, thank you.

Alokanand: My pleasure. It’s like one of our ABC sessions. That was fun. Considering how close I had been to Ra, if you look around, you would not find a lot of me talking about him or about my personal relationship with him. I like the way he came out. It’s good that it’s somewhere.

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