Andrea Reikl-Wolf

Podcast Guest

Dr. Andrea Reikl-Wolf is a 3/6 Emotional Generator born on the Cross of the Unexpected who is scientifically oriented to the most cutting edge aspects of Human Design without losing sight of the fundamentals.

She was working as a Molecular Geneticist in Vienna when she met Human Design and Ra Uru Hu in 1997. Fascinated by the synthesis especially the involvement of Genetics, she started to study the knowledge and ultimately left her scientific career to pursue a career in Human Design. Since 2002 she has been a full-time HD Professional and Teacher.

As an IHDS Teacher and the Principal Teacher of the Science of Differentiation College, her teaching focus is scientifically oriented. Her approach is to correlate various scientific aspects of the Human Design System to demonstrate scientific validity at all Levels. In addition to this, she is also devoted to teaching the Basics of Human Design. It is an amazing Process for her to guide others from the fundamentals to the most superior cutting-edge aspects of the knowledge.

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