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Includes full access to the Human Design Collective online community:

  • Clear and direct information on making Human Design practical
  • Forums for connecting on specific topics based on real study and exploration
  • Monthly online meetups for live sharing and guidance
  • Hand picked articles for inspiration, news and information that relates to Human Design concepts
  • Original articles on what it means to put this system to use, from the mundane to the mystical
  • Discounted private coaching sessions and advanced readings when you’re ready for more


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Why the Human Design Collective?

This Collective came into being through a recognized need for more reflection, sharing, and support for ourselves and our friends and clients experimenting with Human Design.

While other groups exist on platforms like Facebook, we saw the need for a more private, focused and facilitated space to explore the Human Design System in a personal, respectful and deep way. The diversity of opinions, contrasting views, and vigorous debate found on other platforms can be valuable, but the Human Design Collective offers a more contained and dedicated way to connect with others.

The Human Design Collective is here to provide support and practical understanding, as well as research, into how Human Design shows up in real life.  If you are experimenting for your own growth, seeking better understanding of those around you, looking for guidance in more advanced levels of the information, interested in friends and allies who are on a path of waking up to life beyond conditioning or all of the above and more, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Join?

Our aim is to create a high-vibrational space where anyone experimenting with Human Design can feel supported with a sense of real community of spirit and individual empowerment. We feel that Human Design is a remarkable gift to humanity which has changed each of our lives and we’d like to empower others with it. We’ve created this site to embody that and to be the kind of community we wanted to find.

We’ve priced the membership to be affordable and also motivate members to be invested in living their design, going deep in the knowledge and getting something real out of their participation here.  If we begin covering our costs and the time and energy we will continue to invest in sustaining and growing the Collective, then we are grateful.  If you have been looking for allies in this exploration of awakening and design, we hope you’ll find it here.

We invite you to try it out and see if it resonates and feels correct for you. We are open to feedback, there is no obligation to continue and you can cancel the monthly membership at any time. Ultimately we see many opportunities for supporting and empowering each other. What we’ve created here is the beginning and we invite you to be part of it.

Annual billing is offered at a discounted rate equating to an additional free month. If you choose to cancel your annual membership you must do so before the end of the first month. Once the annual membership has billed, it is not refundable.

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