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Generators, Projectors and Type Relationships

Sometimes the most profound things are right in front of you in Human Design. Where something that would be easy to take for granted reveals itself as fundamental and obvious. The Human Design System has its own language, and like any other system, the entry point is often conceptual as we start by naming and typing things. However, the magic happens when we are able to relate what seems like intellectual and abstract concepts to our direct experience of what is actually happening. Then we might see that all of these words are describing something more fundamental in the underlying mechanics of the way things work.

Human Design and Plant Medicine

Human Design and Ayahuasca entered into my life at roughly the same time. I had previously spent around two decades exploring various astrological systems and Eastern traditions including a significant awakening event at the age of 28 working with the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff. While all of these experiences contributed to a greater awareness of myself and the world we live in, by the time I reached my 40s it seemed like I had come to something of a plateau. I had a sense that something more was possible in terms of living my life more fully, but I wasn’t sure what that looked like or where to go from there.

Projectors, Money, and Success

According to the knowledge transmitted to Ra Uru Hu in his week-long experience with “The Voice”, a new kind of being came into the world in 1781, the “Projector”. This was an energetic type that did not exist in the world before and was part of our evolution from the old 7-Centered human form to the present day 9-Centered bodies that we all have now.

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