On Independence Day here in the US, some reflect on the characteristics that are often valued in this country, many of which would be associated with being a Manifestor.  A Manifestor is the only type in Human Design, which is designed to Initiate, to have a vision that arises like an impulse or awareness that can be initiated in the world. They make up only about 8% of the population and yet the ability to be a self-starter, a go-getter, someone who has a dream and goes after it, is probably the most highly valued characteristic in American culture.  We have all been deeply conditioned by the notion that we ought to be independent creators of our experience, if not through the conditioning of our own families, friends, and institutions, then at the very least, by the domination of American culture.

In the old world model, which was dying out at about the time of the birth of the United States, the Manifestor type ruled as the authoritarian monarch of tribes, societies, and institutions.  Generators were the workers, the slaves, the ones who fueled and built the Manifestor vision, and Projectors were just arriving. Given that model, it is easy to see why being the Manifestor, the Initiator, becoming the authority or at least, the ruler of your own destiny, was prized.

Manifestor leadership used to be based on initiating a vision and ruling over the generators who would provide the energy to build it.  Now their function involves informing others of their vision so that people can get on board or get out of the way. Although Manifestors may need the energy of Generators to get things done, their aura is essentially independent.  It repels through its energy field in order to clear their path and keep the control and influence of others from entering their bodies. There is probably nothing more infuriating to a Manifestor than someone else trying to control or interfere with what they are doing. They are here to learn about their impact on others.

Projectors arrived on the planet a few hundred years ago. With this evolution, a new type of relationship and potential for leadership has been emerging, one based on guidance. Generators continue to be the dominant type on the planet, providing the consistent life force energy needed to sustain the work and building of life. But the essential question for a Projector is not about impact, power or initiation. It is “Who are you?” Projectors are here to see. That sounds simple enough, but how often can we really see what is?  What is actually in front of us? It requires a kind of presence and focus that is not obscured by the past, by what we have been taught, or by the opinions of others. The potential to guide requires clear seeing of the other and awareness of the fact that we are not them, not materially, psychologically or energetically.  We are, however, dependent on their energy and their openness to us in order for guidance to be useful or even relevant.

The Generator aura is open and enveloping.  It allows in the frequencies it encounters. The Strategy and great protection for a Generator is the Sacral response.  If a Generator is paying attention, she will feel that response as a movement toward or away from what is around her. The sacral life force energy is looking for engagement, to expend itself in a way that feels satisfying.  The creation of experience arises out of response. It requires interaction for engagement and in that way is dependent on the other. Although Generators can certainly be interested in all kinds of things, they are essentially oriented to power and productivity, the power of the Sacral energy and what it can do. Their question is “Who am I?” and from that, “What do I do with the power in me?” based on response.

The Projector aura is completely different.  It focuses and absorbs deeply in order to know and to see. There is no protection in the Projector aura. The only defense we have, if you could call it that, is to enter into relationship correctly.  Once the relationship starts happening, as soon as we are putting any attention on another, we are taking their life force, their frequency, their energy into our bodies.  As Projectors, we are dependent on our awareness to know what is healthy for us to pay attention to. We are dependent on the invitation to have access to the power and life force energy of others and through our seeing, to be able to guide it when they are willing to receive our focus.  Once this is established, a Projector can do a lot, but the invitation and access to energy come first. You could even say that the emergence of the Projector aura has brought a new level of vulnerability and sensitivity to relationship and a new potential for interdependence.

Ultimately, Projectors are here to just be. A correct interaction, a correct relationship allows the natural seeing, being and guidance to flow. Otherwise, the only power we have is through amplifying and competing with others based on the conditioning forces around us. We resist through enforcing a pseudo kind of power, using bitterness that can pierce the other or through resignation and withdrawal. But all of that is suffering. Awareness is here to be present and to empower, not to impact. It is not something we do. It is something we are or are not.

Some say Projectors are here to be masters of conditioning and relationship. We may never really be able to know who we are without the other. But under the right conditions, at the right time, in the right relationship, perhaps we can come to see the value of our vulnerability with the other, our inability to be unaffected, and our capacity to penetrate. At the core of it, we are deeply dependent on others and deeply affected by what we take in.  We are designed to be thoroughly interdependent.

With the global shift on the horizon in 2027, the support systems, nations, institutions and structures of civilization are breaking down. We can see this happening all around us. We are entering an era where the individual expression of power, identity, and emotional spirit predominates through intimacy.  What a responsibility this brings to us, to be responsible for how we relate to each other when we can no longer rely on the support of culture and society to take care of us or reliably tell us how to form relationship. With this in mind, I invite us all to go deeper into the experiment of honoring the innate intelligence of our bodies in every interaction.

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